The spoofs are a band born out of 2 room mates appreciation for pop, folk, grunge, and 60's rock. we mix them all together and out comes the spoofs. each song has that something that draws you in.


Our music is fun, danceable music, often infectious, but no much you would have to miss work the next day. but you would however be capable of spreading the virus, for weeks, or even years after contracting it. B&T love to play music and write songs together. one usually has an idea, and the other helps refine it, only once that has happened is a spoofs song truly born. whitney is our muse, facilitator, and back bone as a bass player.


we've been working on are debut album for some time now, and playing shows.

Set List

alice 3
space and shout
bent like a spoon
she saw sea saw
disco jam
steal bikes
fancy trans
around 30 minutes for our set. sometimes we cover the rolling stones cover fortune tellar.