The Spoofs

The Spoofs



The Spoofs is a band comprised of four young slackers from Hamilton and Toronto. We have been writing and recording our own music for six years and we decided to combine our many different talents to create The Spoofs. Our music is inspired by art, freedom and video games. (Between playing halo and working as porn video editors, dog walkers and waiters or not working at all, we make music.) THE IDEAS RYHME MORE THAN THE WORDS. The music will make you space and shout as well as put you in a fancy trance. The sound we create is a mix of pop, punk and psychedelia - we play high energy shows - but some of it is pretty chill. The tunes are catchy and the audience will have lots of fun.


The Spoofs EP - released 2009
We have had airplay on The Switch (a hamilton radio show)