The Spookfish

The Spookfish


The Spookfish is Dan Goldberg and is based in Berlin. He is an electronic musician who uses keyboards and guitar to create short and sweet songs that usually leave listeners with strange lingering feelings. Has also worked extensively with video artists and is accompanied live by Kyra LaMariana.


Dan Goldberg has been making music under the moniker of "The Spookfish" for three years now and performing it, often with video, accompanied by Kyra Lamariana on keyboards. He has received very positive responses(including 50,000+ youtube hits) from both his online music videos and from his performances. His music, although rarely containing lyrics, is unmistakably personal, usually consisting of simple, repetitive drumbeats, droning, wobbling walls of organs and other synthesizers, and delicate, though occasionally jarring melodies. Overwhelming and overflowing with feeling, it is hard to predict where the music will go next, and the songs often end abruptly once the feeling is communicated. Perhaps frustrating at first for some, the music will quickly and deeply sink its teeth in.

Originally based in Bushwick, Brooklyn, he spent the last year Busan, South Korea, where he was teaching English, performing occasionally, and hiking. He is currently based in Berlin Germany and focusing solely on music.


2009: The Spookfish
2010: Korea
2010: In Between(Single)

all can be heard here...