A Month of Sundays

A Month of Sundays


A Modern Rock band covering today's alternative combined with dance rock to create a new, yet common, sound and feel for the new millennium...


While creating their own sounds, the band has seemed to include several classic influences into their embedded style. You won't find today's common metaphoric screaming and yelling, or anger display in the music or performance. The band believes there are still people out there that want to listen to rock the way it used to be, when you could understand the words and relate the situation with something in your own life. Music should be to enjoy. A Month of Sundays is here to bring back the difference in music.


Various Internet Radio

Set List

Typical set list is between 10-12 cover songs, depending on the time. It would include 1 or 2 originals, depending on location.
Just some of the artists we cover but not limited to.

Pearl Jam
The Killers
Franz Ferdinand
Social Distortion
Iggy Pop
The Ramones
Faith No More
Kings of Leon
Green Day

And More...