The Spores

The Spores


Blending elements of indie,techno, stoner, funk and alternative rock, The Spores have invented an entirely new sound that draws on everything from Prince, Sonic Youth to Kyuss & the Breeders. The Spores is a multimedia outfit that specializes in audio & visual manipulation, perf. art, & puppets!


Featuring Molly McGuire on vocals and
bass, who has recently made a name for
herself appearing on albums like “Songs
for the Deaf” by Queens of the Stone Age, “
“Bubblegum” by Mark Lanegan and the
new Martina Topley-Bird (Tricky), with Greg
“Stunbunny” Biribauer on guitar and loops, a behind the scenes knob twiddler for the Vines, Queens of the Stone Age and earthlings, Kenny Pierce on drums and of course..the puppets.
The Spores came as a surprise when Molly and Greg made a homemade record (what gives?) to satisfy their alternative-techno-pop curiosities. After Molly’s stint with Mondo Generator (feat. Nick Oliveri, formerly of QOTSA) ended in arcane drama, the two decided to try out The Spores material in a live setting. Recruiting Kenny Pierce, a world-class drummer who has been involved with Orgy and Soul among others, a live version of The Spores erupted on the local Palm Desert and Los Angeles scenes, garnering rave reviews from fans and a nickname: “The Answer”. Shows with Eagles of Death Metal and Brant Bjork have staked their place as the new contenders of the desert rock family of California.

Blending elements of indie, techno, stoner, funk and alternative rock, The Spores have invented an entirely new sound that draws on everything from Prince and Sonic Youth to Kyuss and The Breeders.

Not to be ignored.
-rock detector april 2005


Don't Kill Yourself

Written By: The Spores

Kill Yourself
you can fly away
Kill Yourself
cry some other day
Kill Yourself
although it may seem hollow
Kill Yourself
your true fans will follow

Underneath the water
in the back of my car
in my parent's bathroom
I choked on my own gun

Kill Yourself
you will go to heaven
Kill Yourself
up there you're forgiven
Kill Yourself
one day you'll be free


Kill Yourself
I'm bigger than ever
I'd do it for you, would you do it for me?
one day it could be
bigger than ever


What Gives? self release 2005
Imagine The Future - self release Dec 2005
Live at KXLU - self release benefit cd Dec 2005
Song getting radio airplay:

Set List

average - 45 min set
Love Me For My Mind (With miss fishnets)
Dr. Rhythm
Devil's Ass
Don't Kill Yourself
Yum Yum
Entwined Like Lovers
El Matador (with Tito Zzoro)
Big Brother
working on a couple of covers - one being "Girl From Ipanema with Molly on accordion"