The Spores

The Spores


“Imagine Shirley Manson replacing Trent Reznor in NIN, then hitting the road with a puppet show (like low-tech Gorillaz) and you’ll get the idea behind The Spores.” - Illinois Entertainer


Los Angeles, CA- June 11th, 2006 – The Spores blending elements of electronica, rock, pop and sass are the ingredients that created Imagine The Future. Destined to turn heads with multi-talented front-woman Molly McGuire, Imagine The Future lands June 27th, 2006 (SideCho Records). The twelve-track ride, which includes the first single “(Don’t) Kill Yourself” combines luscious vocals and stellar guitar work mixed admirably with heavy drum rhythms adding to the rock and dance music background of the band. Los Angeles based Indie 103.1-FM is already on board spinning the group’s anti-suicide pop song “(Don’t) Kill Yourself” off the album on its specialty shows.

The Spores are a forward thinking musical project combining alter-egos portrayed by puppets, of which McGuire has conceived and integrated in the band’s stage show. McGuire has assembled quite an impressive rock ‘n’ roll resume. She’s recorded with Frank Black, Queens of the Stone Age and Peaches and toured with Mondo Generator. She’s built her chops on bass with bands like Earthlings? and Rhudabaga, but with the official debut of her latest endeavor The Spores, McGuire alongside co-conspirators guitarist Greg “Stunbunny” Biribauer and drummer Kenny Pierce is finally starting to make things happen completely on her own terms.

The Los Angeles-based act came to life in 2004 when Biribauer, McGuire’s roommate and fellow Toronto native, approached her with the idea of tracking a few songs. With a recording setup in the house and Biribauer’s extensive experience as a sound engineer, McGuire seized of the opportunity and the pair began constructing material that was unlike anything of their previous projects - or anything on the airwaves.

Besides her enchanting vocals and rocking bass lines, McGuire works with paper mache, fabric, painting and carpentry, which brought to life half-a-dozen puppets that add a completely unique angle to The Spores already electric, captivating set as part of its live act. “People are really excited by it,” says McGuire. “As soon as they realize they’re going to see something different, they show up and end up really liking the band. It’s something beyond anything they’ve ever seen before. It adds a little fresh twist to what we’re doing live. Our whole thing is about entertaining the audience. We just want to put on a great show that anybody can enjoy.”

With over a hundred ideas set aside for future compositions, The Spores’ prolific, groundbreaking output will only find the act garnering greater attention as it hits the road for various stints across the nation. Yet at this point, the trio is moving steadily with its do-it-yourself drive and continual creativity. And as more resources become available, expect members of The Spores to utilize whatever they can get their hands on to further their genre-crossing sound.


(Don't) Kill Yourself

Written By: The Spores

kill yourself
you can fly away
kill yourself
cry some other day
kill yourself
although it may seem hollow
kill yourself
your true fans will follow

underneath the water
in the back of my car
in my parent’s bathroom
I choked on my own gun

kill yourself
you will go to heaven
kill yourself
up there you’re forgiven
kill yourself
one day you’ll be free

kill yourself
I’m bigger than ever
I’d do it for you,
would you do it for me?
one day it could be
bigger than ever

Heat Seeker

Written By: The Spores

in the valley of the dolls
they’re the wind-up kind
you can sit and watch them spin
you can watch them lose their minds
they’re experimenting
with those weapons here
and your brain detects
the love your heart
can no longer feel

heat seeker
you’re a tweeker
operation: my heart
you’ve hit your target
mission accomplished
successfully blown apart


Big Brother

Written By: The Spores

hold my hand
trust in you
protect and serve
big brother
you’re always watching

watching me
I believe
hold my hand
big brother
trust in you
and you don’t help me


Imagine The Future - Sidecho Records
released June 2006
Track getting airplay/streaming: (Don't) Kill Yourself, Heat Seeker, Love My Mind, Yum Yum, Big Brother

Set List

puppet intro - Preacher and DJ Tito Zzorro
Love My Mind (with puppet - Miss Fishnets)
Moon Shine Down
Yum Yum
(Don't) Kill Yourself
Big Brother
Heat Seeker
Dr. Rhythm
Entwined Like Lovers
El Matador (with puppet - Da Buul)
Sounds of Strummer

**usually perform a cover - its a MASH-UP called Sounds of Strummer (Clash's "Should I Stay or Should I Go" lyrics to music Simon & Garfunkels "Sounds Of Silence"

sets can range from 25 min - 1 hour 15 min.+