The Square

The Square

 MontrĂ©al, Quebec, CAN

The Square is the next evolution of Rock. The group consists of unique and diverse songs. Rock / Alternative / Progressive is our style of composition but it is for you to discover


The group emerged in 2005.Julien was the founder of the group and after some change of staff Simon came to join the group as drummer. At the time the lead singer was Martin and with this power trio they made a lot of concert and produced several songs that are still part of the current set list group. Martin left the group and in 2008 Pascal came at the guitar and in 2009 Keven arrived at the bass. The Square restart do gigs in 2009 with great ambition and the group have a lot of show of experience. They go record their first professional album in June 2010 and the album will be released during summer 2010. Despite the years The Square has always kept its same original influences in music and making it a unique group


The Square Demo 09

- Seize the Running Man
- Prison

The Album will be release on summer 2010

Set List

During the show we mix our song and covers of great band like Radiohead,Pink Floyd,Doors,Weezer,Red Hot Chili Peppers....and more. Normally we play 2 set of 1hours each but if the Manager of the Bar want more stuff we are able to do more song.