The Square

The Square


The Square is a progressive alternative rock band from Montreal. They are an energetic group, entertaining appeals to all age groups and especially to gain a considerable stage experience.


The Square is a progressive alternative rock band from Montreal, composed of Donati Julien on guitar and vocals, Simon Gilbert on drums, Pascal Lortie on guitar and Kevin St. Ours on bass. The group was founded in 2005 and, despite the changes that occurred during those few years, members of the training have kept the same background music, unchanged since its inception. Each composition has a musicality of her own which is different from anything that can be heard now.

The Square began in January 2010 a series of twenty-five concerts, which ended in the summer of that year. This concert series has allowed the group to play before the public in Montreal, Quebec, Three Rivers, Joliette, Shawinigan, Terrebonne, Sainte-Therese and others. The band also participated in several competitions including: Microsonic in Shawinigan (which was broadcast), La Revèle at Maurice in St-Lazare, Tuesdays Reports to the Gambrinus in Three Rivers Music Festival and Warnocstock in Cantley. These concerts have enabled the group to put on a show energetic, fun that appeals to all the public and especially to gain a considerable stage experience.

The band released in 2011, his first album, The Square, which was recorded during four nights at Studio 451 in Verdun. It was then mixed at Studio Victor in Montreal and contains ten compositions of the group. With this album The Square prepares for a series of concerts beginning in February 2011.


The Square
VOL. 1
1- Seize the Running Man – 3 :53
2- Disguise – 3 :54
3- Empty Eyes – 5 :09
4- Moaner the Great – 3 :54
5- Rocky Rock – 4 :54
6- Velvet Boogie – 2 :53
7- Daily Tragedy – 3 :40
8- Delirium – 4 :57
9- Raspy Fuss – 4 :19
10- Farwell Miss A – 5 :47

Words and music composed by: The Square
Julien - Vocal and Guitar
Simon - Drums, Percussion and Voice secondary
Pascal - Guitar
Keven - Bass

Album produced by: The Square
Estimated Time: 16: 02 minutes
Date of Registration: 29 October 30 and November 17, 2005
Semi-professional recording done in collaboration with Francis Haynes in his studio in Terrebonne.