The SqueeGee's

The SqueeGee's



Meet The SqueeGees, a fun-filled, bubbly acoustic duo that provide an irresistibly playful musical adventure for the entire family. While you would think that this delicious experience would be candy coated, The SqueeGee's package comes in a recyclable wrapper. Their songs emphasize earth friendly themes, positive messages, and good clean fun!

Samantha Tobey and Roman Bluem are the kids-at-heart behind this grass-roots musical journey. As a former mommy and me, music/movement and baby sign language teacher, Samantha brings a natural flair for interacting and working with children. Roman, originally from St. Petersburg, Russia, provides a unique musical style, and silly sense of humor that children love. Both professional singer/songwriter's, the couple have created a truly magical experience that not only have baby singing along, but mommy, daddy and grandpa too!

Album favorites include "Apples, Oranges and Peaches", "Nala the Chihuhua", "The Elements (of the earth)", "Making Noises," "Rules of the Road" and many more. All music is appropriate for infants, toddlers and the parents who love them.


The SqueeGee's EP

Set List

Making Noises
Bubbles and Bubbles
The Elements
Nala The Chihuahua
The Ol' WWW
Rules of the Road
Yellow Submarine
How much is that doggy/wheels on the bus (traditional)
All Together Now
Making Noises
lots of dancing, shaking, sing alongs, bubbles, and non stop fun!