the Stabby Dancers

the Stabby Dancers


The Stabby Dancers are fresh meat. 4 Compulsive performers, ghost thing. Genre-a-Tron... Singing along in the garden with the Sky!!! A and twisting of Punk, rock, Rap, Folk, electronic, Hardcore, Country... All love.


The Stabby Dancers are made of glass shards, steel pins, sunshine and tough concrete.

The Live show is a 2 hour+ genre-a-tron 5000. A knife to the jugular all out performance of folk meaning, punk attitude, rap dissention and anything else that pumps adrenaline into the blood.

They came together natuarally... East coaster bullshitting, nothing to do and everything to give. Rather than hit the lame train, and die slow... they slit thier minds wide open with the various things and delve into a Stabby world which knows no bounds and thrive off that thing.

These songs string together in narritives and moods; a web of elastic stories and expressions... These songs are about true love, murder, sex, triumph... policy... dejection and anger. The shows surface is just a damn great time . The beyond is well thought considerations on vast levels.

The Stabby Dancers love and thrive in a big party; with sincerity in there music, love and care in the shows, respect and community with the audience. The platter of dynamic music is bedrock for party people to build a great time.

It's pretty strait up. They want to play your town, sleep in your basement, scare your dad. They work hard to put on a great show. They play it hard to have truly great times with the Friends of Enemy's Dancers. It's infectious to those who witness. It's its own.

It is a matter of time before this band finds it's people. They are inspired, dedicated and non-stop.

Jeff Stewart
Fan & Fried Chicken.


The Stabby Dancers Destroy jeTprojecTlabs & T.LeChe - 2006
MiMi. C. - This is Not a Fugazi Album - 2006
The Broken Boy of jeTprojecTlabs & T.LeChe - 2004
T.LeChe - 4 Tracks - 2002
Subvertmedia Sampler - 2001
jeTprojecTlabs Console to Nothingness - 2000

Set List

Potential set of Origional material is ridiculously long.

Most likely to play the best cuts from latest releases. Up to 2 hour performance of origional songs and improv.