The Stack

The Stack


Sounding both familiar and like nothing you've ever heard before, The Stack combines classic rock riffs and rhythms with their own intricate harmonies, lush arrangements, and unique lyrics. The Stack is equally at home with sugar-sweet melodies and psychedelic waves of noise.


Influenced by classic rock and the best of modern rock and pop, The Stack's sound can best be described as somewhere between The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, and Radiohead. Thanks to the members' strong musical backgrounds, The Stack is as melodic, rocking, and creative as anyone out there today. The Stack's songs combine pounding riffs, rolling swing rhythms, and searing lead guitar. Their acoustic tracks further illustrate their mastery of intricate melody and harmony.

The Stack was formed while the members all attended high school together in Corvallis, Oregon. They all played or sang in performing groups, and when songwriters Alex Pfender and Noah Dietterich met in their sophomore year, they began to write songs and play together. After many months of practicing they began to play shows around Oregon, gaining a following and experience. They have performed on the main stage at DaVinci Days, The Benton County Fair, The Portland Rose Festival, and the Oregon State Fair.

The Stack's musical influences are as diverse as the band's sound. Songwriters Alex Pfender and Noah Dietterich both had their beginnings in classical piano and voice, which gave them a vast theoretical knowledge and complete harmonic control of their work. While this plays strongly into the way they construct their songs, the band also takes cues from rock influences including Wilco, The Beatles, The Flaming Lips, Radiohead, The Kinks, Pink Floyd, Weezer, and Led Zeppelin.

Slipstream, The Stack's debut album, was recorded the summer of 2004, and released December 3rd. Without a label or any promotion, The Stack has sold over 800 copies of it, mainly in the Corvallis area. Slipstream shows that The Stack can play something for everyone: heavy rock (The Way You Want), their twist on blues (The Apple Song), fast danceable swing (Swing Madness), atmospheric acoustic ballads (Daylight), and even an epic jam (Into The Sun).

Released August 2006, The Stack's follow-up album We are the Listeners includes songs written over the course of the previous 3 years. It includes blasts of funk guitar in "Take It," waves of static in "Pocket," which has been acclaimed by critics as early Pink Floyd but better, gentle acoustic pop in "Years and Years," and a shaking frantic groove in "San Quentin." Already, the four tracks from We are the Listeners that have been submitted to have recieved Track of the Day awards, and two of them have broken the Top 20 in Indie Rock. The Stack plans to tour with this album in the summer of 2007.

Psychedelic noise coexists with sugar-sweet melodies to create The Stack's sound, both familiar and like nothing you've ever heard before.


Song for an Echo

Written By: Noah Dietterich

I heard you coming,
Coming through OK
Through the hiss and buzz of the shortwave radio

I was turning
Turnin towards you and away
When I heard electronic algebras
On the other side

What are you counting for,
Cause I know you count for something.
Are you Anne Frank or Anastasia's ghost
Haunting a tape recorder?
Are you lonely are you scared,
Or is it all just numbers, words, and notes and codes,
And telephones and radios

We're the listeners
We're the tuning twitchers
We're the ears across the ocean

And I'm seeking
And I'm searching for your voice
I'm satisfied to find, satisfied to find,
Satisfied to find its echo

I was guessing
Guessing at the time of day
The day that I heard someone play you like an old piano

And we're the listeners
We're the new decoders
We're still hoping to find a hint of some synthetic emotion
and I'm wondering

What are you counting for,
Cause I know you count for something.
Are you Anne Frank or Anastasia's ghost
Haunting a tape recorder?
Are you lonely are you scared,
Or is it all just numbers, words, and notes and codes,
And telephones and radios

San Quentin

Written By: Alex Pfender

Riding in the darkest town
Voices on the radio
It really takes me back,
Shivering, shivering
But the night was warm, was warm

Fire in the neighborhood,
Like a bombshell in the marketplace
Reeling in the locals there,
Gasping for breath on this foreign shore

Send the bodyguards, tell them it's an emergency
Find the witnesses, bring them here, bring them to me
There were three shots fired in the middle of the night
And then he dissappeared like a flame in a flood
Will he ever understand, understand what he's done?

We have the needle
We've used it once before
But there's always more than one
The city is beating down your door

And when the flood comes rushing in,
The man will meet his maker
The maker has met his match
And the city is swallowed in the sea

Mr. McFate

Written By: Noah Dietterich

Mr. McFate looks up from his reading and smiles
It's looking like things have been going his way for a while
Twitching the strings of his marionettes,
Shaping the lives of his human pets
For so very long, for so very long

Patient McFate set it up many years in advance
He'd let them all meet only then to deny them the chance
Winding the clocks all up out of place
Making a mess out of time and space
And leading them on, and leading them on

We missed each other when the moment was right
Like strangers passing in the night
And somewhere up above, I hear the chuckling of
A man who is ageless and laughing with spite,
You know I hear you laughing now.

Mr. McFate shakily puts his bifocals on
A young man is screaming like his whole existence is gone
Shaking his fist at the frozen sky, willing his body to fly,
Wishing with all of his heart that the old man could die.

Someday I'll find a way to make it up to somebody
Up to somebody
Someday I'll find a way to make it up to somebody
Up to somebody


Slipstream - 2004 (full album)
We are the Listeners - 2006 (full album)

Set List

Our typical setlist is around an hour long, though we've played shows anywhere from 15 minutes to 3 hours.