The Stacks

The Stacks


We're a four piece Indie/Rock outfit called "The Stacks", local to the West Midlands.
We love to play and we guarantee to turn heads when we do it; put us on and we'll show you why!


We play indie as hard and energetically as we can. Our music tastes are an eclectic mix of modern Indie, Acoustic Singer/Songwriters, Classic Rock and Blues, Punk and Hardcore to name a few and we try to put what we like about those genres forward.

After two years of studying music at college together and a year or so of doing our own thing at different universities, we came together to make music we love and we called the result "The Stacks".

There's nothing missable in our lineup, with the lyrics and the songwriting craft of vocalist Dan Smith underpinned by hard hitting rhythm section Jimmy Russell and James "Dudders" Dudley, topped off by guitarist Ben Monaghan ripping out guitar lines, creating a musical attack so catchy and memorable you can sing the hooks after one chorus.
We have a live sound that's difficult to reproduce on record but we think we've done a good job and we welcome anyone who wants to help us out!

We guarantee you haven't seen anything like us live; and if you have, it hasn't been for a long time and it hasn't been this genuine.


- Unofficial EP:

- Live recordings (from Dan's house) of other songs from the main live set:

Search "The Stacks The New Era" on YouTube!

Set List

Probably Regret, Definitely Regret
Smash & Crash
Loud Crowd
Can of Carling (Lit By Moonlight)
The New Era
Too Late, Mate!
Pictures from the Photobooth
Up Comes the New and the Old Quickly Falls