The Stacks

The Stacks


For a band that has been together for less than a year we have managed to get a gig at the 02 in london playing in the finals of the biggest unsigned music compertition in the UK 'Live & Unsigned'. We are playing headlining Gig at the Kasbah, Coventry, Always have and amazing audience reaction!!!!


Four lads from a small town called nuneaton, in the Midlands UK, first started playing music together from the age of 17. Two years down the line they decided to form a band they called 'The Stacks'...

You can expect to hear a lot from The Stacks in the coming months as they are working on getting gigs all around the UK, a mini album and an expansive setlist. With a powerful performance ethic, this is a band that should be seen live to be experienced!

Set List

Ain't No Rest For The Wicked
Loud Crowd
I Count To Three
The New Era
Can Of Carling (Lit By Moonlight)
You Eyes, To My Supprise!
If You Got The Money
What We Live For