The Standard Model

The Standard Model


Dark, and electric currents run deep. Hook after zig-zagging guitar flourish; flowing bass lines drive a dynamic, and extraordinary rhythm. Complex and stunning vocals are only part of the unique vision that connects each beat.


Sometimes, it takes a connecting vision for the big-bang of creation to take place: for New York’s ‘the standard model,’ theirs was a story simultaneously ending just as soon as it had begun.

While originally forming in 2001; core members Franco Franus (vocals), Michael "Chuck" Knoblauch (bass guitar), and Michael Narciso (lead and rhythm guitar) released an electrifying four-song demo right as the band decided to call it a day. The group reemerged in 2007, solidifying their line-up with the addition of long-time friend Darren O'Toole (Aerovox) on drums.

Framing their songs around Franus/Narciso’s unique songwriting ability (especially Franco Franus’ vocal style), and Knoblauch/O’Toole's extroverted vision, the band fell into their own: eventually playing into the kind of dark, trembling, and melodic style of rock that they perform currently throughout New York and surrounding areas.

Recording at Greenhouse Audio in Milford, PA with producer and musician Isaac Betesh (Brian Jonestown Massacre, House of Fire, Sounds of Kaleidoscope) this past Spring, finally allowed the band to put eleven of their most familiar tracks down for what is looking to be an electrifying album debut.

A 'standard model' in scientific terms could consist of many imaginings. In Particle Physics theory, it consists of up to four “known fundamental interactions and the elementary particles that take part in these interactions,” and maybe that's just what a band in practice is; a like-minded group by definition coming together to create something altogether unique--but "standard" by no-means.

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the standard model - 4 song ep

Set List

A typical 'standard model' set list generally lasts 40 minutes and will include titles such as:

- Already
- Never Gonna Be About Us
- When The Timing Is Right
- Weightless (I Wonder)
- The More I Search
- It Will
- I'm Not That Guy
- Together At The Same Time
- Something That Never Was
- From Now On
- If You're Not Careful
- In This Driveway