The Standouts

The Standouts


The Standouts are a vocal harmony driven modern classic rock band which sounds like a mix between the Doobie Brothers and Tom Petty. Their catchy melodies and groovy bass lines are sure to captivate any audience.


The StandOuts are a group where classic songwriting is the focus. Composition, melody, and accessibility are paramount. The StandOuts started almost 5 years ago with an aspiring singer-songwriter and an ambitious drummer. Now it is a band of four kindred and energetic performers… all of them writers and co-writers. All of them collaborators, and co-conspirators
in a quest to share with the world their obvious talent and exuberant joy of playing music! The real identity of this band began to take shape when co-founders Andrew Howard and Johnny Ballistic recruited Junior Scott to play bass in October of 2005. Still under the band’s original name Rockus Circus, they added a guitarist and keyboardist for a year, and recorded a low budget album. Something was still missing even though they were writing great music, playing some awesome shows, and building a dedicated following.
Enter Philip Prasek… Guitarist, vocalist, and songwriter Philip was an obvious fit from day one. Now a permanent quartet, Rockus Circus began demoing out material for a new album. They were noticed by
Hollywood producer David Eaton who was searching for talent for his Gimme-A-Break program. It was during recording for the band’s new six song EP that they realized they had outgrown their original name: Rockus Circus became The StandOuts!


The StandOuts E.P.