the Star & the Snake

the Star & the Snake


Through the Art of Music, this duo seeks to re-awaken the invocational & ceremonial aspects of music in their recordings and live performances. Inspired by such artists as Dead Can Dance, Pink Floyd, Cat Power and the Doors, the Star & the Snake fuses a unique, but traditional style of music.


The Star & the Snake is a music project formed by singer-songwriters Terence Lausch and Nanda Zipp. Terence comes from the Boulder / Denver music scene where he played with his band High Seasons. High Seasons put out 4 records, and were regulars at such venues as The Fox Theater, the Bluebird theater, the Soiled Dove, Hermans Hideaway, and the Lions Lair. Terence spent most of his time in Boulder Colorado where he also studied Religion at the University of Colorado @ Boulder. Nanda comes from the L.A. music scene where he played with his band folkloriate. Folkloriate recently landed a song on the Starbucks compilation "Off the Clock" from their new EP entitled "Eden." Nanda has traveled the world looking for ways to discover and express the most basic human experience. His study of music, visual arts, writing and comparative philosophy has given him a depth of inspiration as a songwriter and musician. Currently the duo lives in Crestone Colorado where they enjoy a thriving community of music, art, spirituality, and magick.


the Star & the Snake

Written By: Terence Lausch

Spirit of the Mountain
Spirit of the Sun
Daughter of the Moon
you are my Muse
you write the Songs
& I just sing along

this is the Magick
you can’t learn from a book
this is the way
of the Star and the Snake
this is the Light
In the Heart of Darkness

Lady of the Lake
will you come down from the Moon?
& show me the way
to the Spirit of my youth
& take me to your Priests
& the innocence of my dreams

this is the way
of the Star and the Snake
this is the way
of the open heart
for we are the Servants
of the Silver Star


Currently in the Studio Recording a new record due for release in March 2009.

Set List

All Originals: Typical Set List

1) Awaken my Love Again
2) the Serpent has Awakend
3) Fire of Asrael
4) the Dreamlight
5) Red Lion Road
6) Don’t Leave Me Now
7) the Star & the Snake
8) the Goat God Pan & the Angel Michael
9) Blood of Kings
10) Thoth in the Halls of Amenti
11) Alive & Awake
12) Diana