the Star Junction

the Star Junction


Instrumental rock that is as heavy as it makes your eyelids. Incorporating everyday sounds and noises in a way that makes you forget they are even there. Repetition, drones, riffs and organic sounds culminate in huge dynamics that attempt to take you along with them.


Like many bands the Star Junction was formed by four friends in high school, around 1996. Like most high school bands, members changed up until the people who were interested in making music (and not just saying they were in a band) were found. We were slowly writing music for a year and a half, and planned on having one of us write lyrics and sing, but no one ever stepped up to the mic. There are still lyrics sitting on a dusty shelf somewhere for songs that never wanted them.

Around 1999 we heard songs from a little Scottish act called Mogwai, and realized that we were in the same genre already, but had viewed it all this time as songs without lyrics, instead of instrumental songs. That shifted our focus and drive, and instead of writing songs with the intention of putting in vocals later, we started writing the music as the song. The realization came fast that we didn't need words to convey the same ideas, but in fact, the message was just as clear, much more clear in some cases. We pull from feelings we all have, but mainly love, nostalgia and aggression.

Since that realization we have released 2 albums and one EP, all varying wildly, but still keeping that lifeline that feels like the Star Junction. Epic, subdued, infectious and overtly subtle. Somewhere along the way, we turned into a live band. The idea that live should be more stripped down and raw, keeping the essentials of the compositions and amplifying it. Strange, cause we've always composed with the album in mind.


Cessation (RSA-1) - Full Length LP released in 2001 (Re-release pending in 2007)

Untitled (RSA-2) - 4 Song EP released on MiniCD in 2004

Euphemic (RSA-3) - Full Length LP released in April 2007

Set List

Songs range from 2-12 minutes in length, with the average song running about 4 or 5 minutes. Set lists are changeable, and we normally play 25-45 minutes depending on the venue, crowd and time constraints. We could play two sets as needed, but we usually tailor one set full of originals per venue.