The Stars Projector

The Stars Projector

 Maplewood, New Jersey, USA

What happens when Indie Rock meets Explosive beautiful electronics? Thought provoking lyrics, beautiful vocals, and amazing songs make The Stars Projector a band not to ignore in the coming year


The Stars projector is the brainchild of singer songwriter producer David Rublin currently attending school in Boston. The Band came about when Dave started listening to old punk and new wave emo mixed with the flavors of today. Having taken on many forms the and shape shifts Dave has found a definite sound he's going for and this new year will be releasing Orion and Mars a Second Ep. Having left highschool for being underproductive it took old records and cds to spark a revolution of sorts in his mind. Drawing from anything for new sounds and having a passion for finding beauty in the new, Dave has been studying at his new home Berklee college of music with hopes that someone will find a place for the stars projector in their headphones and hearts.


Trains and Airplanes Dave Rublin, Andrew Bregman) Orion and Mars Ep (to be self-released january 2009)

Set List

Can Do a 45 minute set. Songs include: In the grand scheme of things Jets Set Lets Go The Dream Follow Feeling Choice of Skin And Here i am Your the only one on the ground So here's hoping She Sings others as well