The finest in electro dark wave dance love.


Aimee Echo and Jamie Miller formed theSTART in the Fall of 1998, citing a mutual love of dark wave, dance music and art rock. The prophetic nature of their name revealed itself quickly,as they would be among the first of the crop of the new New Wave, alongside bands like the Faint and Le Tigre and Ladytron.

Over the course of two acclaimed albums and one EP, theSTART’s modern eclecticism and rock hooks have earned them a devoted following and a reputation as trendsetters of this new millennium. Additionally, they’ve won considerable acclaim for unfailingly compelling live sets, having shared stages with a wide range of popular acts, including Garbage, the Moving Units, The International Noise Conspiracy, Burning Brides, the Von Bondies, Joan Jett, Weezer, Incubus and AFI. (Echo recently completed a string of dates singing for Swedish indie dance phenomenon Teddybears, including an appearance with the band at this year’s Coachella festival.)

With their third album “Ciao, Baby," theSTART delves into ever-more adventurous aural terrain, incorporating elements of experimental, electronic, and dance forms, fused with their distinctive rousing dark wave hooks and textures. Thematically, they continue to explore complex issues of identity, desire, and politics – both personal and global – through Echo’s enigmatic lyrical prism.

The couple created “Ciao, Baby” themselves (working closely with engineer Brian Virtue at his home studio). Miller composed the music and played every instrument on the record, with Echo writing all the lyrics and singing. The intensive song development process shows in the final result: ten tracks that find the band at a new plateau in their passionate creative mission.

From the call to arms of opening track (and leadoff single) “Wartime! (It's Time 2 Go Now)” to the sultry groove of the closing title track, “Ciao, Baby” is a major step in the ongoing evolution of one of the most exciting bands in independent rock today.

A new dance revolution is underway. This is theSTART.


Ciao Baby (Metropolis) 2007
Initiation (Nitro) 2004
Death Via Satellite (Smallstone) 2003
Shakedown! (Geffen) 2001

Set List

Ciao Baby, Just a Fantasy, Cities in Dust, Blood on My Hands, Surrender, Dance Revolution, Master Plan, Wartime! (It's Time 2 Go Now), Fix, Millionaire, Shakedown!, 1000 Years, Nemesis, Like Days, Life is Sweet, The 1-2-3-4, Run Away, Master Plan, Millionaire, Mine, Hang On Me, Death Via Satellite, Time, Christian Christian, Dead End Queen, All or Nothing, Peacocks

Covers include the Cure's "The Walk" and occasional other forays, but set is almost all originals. Sets range from 45 minute openers to 1.5 hour headliners.