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"Wonderful harmonies and melodic content."

"Angela" Excellent energy and dynamics. Wonderful harmonies and melodic content. Nice work. - Billboard Songwriting Contest

"Melodic and tight...A fine pop-rock album."

The Starters thank The Funk Brothers (Motown Records' great studio band) for their inspiration on this self-titled CD. And as a lover of most things Motown, I could not wait to hear how this trio revived these sounds of yesteryear.

The one place where The Starters sounded just as I hoped they would is on a track titled "Oh Oh Oh (Cause A Fire)." Bassist Blakely gives it one of those James Jamerson bass lines that made me fall in love with The Four Tops, among others, in the first place. However, this was an exception. I actually found that much of this music sounded more like The Jam back during Paul Weller's post-punk, soul era. But this was back when he still rocked and before he went completely soul with The Style Council.

Like The Jam, The Starters are also a trio. John Ferrigno is the singer and guitarist, and Paul Ferrigno plays drums. Blakely, once again, is on bass. The group is also augmented by Chris Baker (alto saxophone), Kevin Fischer (trombone), and Lee Toft trumpet. These horns are used most effectively on "Love With You," which comes off a little like a less snotty Elvis Costello during his Get Happy phase. John Ferrigno sings it -- and everything else on the CD -- expressively.

In my opinion, this group builds too much of its music around John Ferrigno's guitar playing. It's as though they want to go in a soulful direction, yet they're unwilling to give up being a guitar rock band. If more of these songs let the bass and drums lead, instead of guitar, they might get into better and more memorable grooves.

What's left is an 11-track CD with melodic and tight songs. It's a fine pop-rock album. -

"With more great songs the Starters could be unstoppable."

Self-described "Motown-obsessed indie rockers," the Starters' "The Hardest Part" and "Special" are reminiscent of 70's - 80's band Squeeze, who in their heyday had several MTV hits. The similarity in style is due not only to John Ferrigno's smooth vocal tones, but in the Starters' soulful intensity. The similarity is downright uncanny on "Waking Up," the group's best tune. It's no crime to sound like another band –– and if they can come up with more great songs the Starters could be unstoppable. - Music Connection Magazine


"The Starters" LP



Formed in Los Angeles, The Starters was created by three Motown-obsessed indie rockers. The question they were always asking themselves was, “Where is the soul in today’s music?” It’s one that is answered on their self-titled debut album, a collection of songs combining the dirtiness of home-cooked rock and roll with the stylish melodies of the 60’s Motown sound.

The Starters is comprised of two brothers from the East Coast: John Ferrigno, the smooth and commanding singer, strums his vintage guitars with abandon while crooning about loves lost and yet to be. Paul Ferrigno, the dramatic basher of old-school Ludwig drums, rolls through Benny Benjamin pickups with a volume that might skip the needle on your parents’ 45s. Then there’s Blakely from the Midwest: The shaven-headed Fender bassist pumps lines straight out of James Jamerson’s school of funk. This noisy rock trio is stirred together with a rhythm and blues horn section, some main ingredients like saxophone, trumpet and trombone.

"I was born in California, somewhere in the sun, in love with you." The honesty of this lyric permeates every aspect of the debut CD The Starters which is for sale at and iTunes music store. Music Connection Magazine writes, "With more great songs, The Starters could be unstoppable." In addition to regular performances at L.A.'s Viper Room and House of Blues, you can hear the music of The Starters in the feature film "Rattle Basket."