The Starters

The Starters


Our music is indie rock/Motown. We're a three-piece rock band with a Memphis-style horn section. We are a 2009 Los Angeles Music Awards nominee. Our music is in the feature film "Rattle Basket" and the Compilation #2.


Formed in Los Angeles, The Starters was created by three Motown-obsessed indie rockers. The question they were always asking themselves was, “Where is the soul in today’s music?” It’s one that is answered on their self-titled debut album, a collection of songs combining the dirtiness of home-cooked rock and roll with the stylish melodies of the 60’s Motown sound.

The Starters is comprised of two brothers from the East Coast: John Ferrigno, the smooth and commanding singer, strums his vintage guitars with abandon while crooning about loves lost and yet to be. Paul Ferrigno, the dramatic basher of old-school Ludwig drums, rolls through Benny Benjamin pickups with a volume that might skip the needle on your parents’ 45s. Then there’s Blakely from the Midwest: The shaven-headed Fender bassist pumps lines straight out of James Jamerson’s school of funk. This noisy rock trio is stirred together with a rhythm and blues horn section, some main ingredients like saxophone, trumpet and trombone.

"I was born in California, somewhere in the sun, in love with you." The honesty of this lyric permeates every aspect of the debut CD The Starters which is for sale at and iTunes music store. Music Connection Magazine writes, "With more great songs, The Starters could be unstoppable." In addition to regular performances at L.A.'s Viper Room and House of Blues, you can hear the music of The Starters in the feature film "Rattle Basket."



Written By: Ferrigno, Berger, Ferrigno

My tragic heart is leaping out
To feel the things I’ve lived without
Everyone is innocent or proven otherwise
This is just an alias that you might recognize

You’ve seen it all before
There’s nothing I want more
You must have been the one
Who left me all alone

If I abide, surely you’re above me
I had to leave just to make you want me
Everybody reads the lines they used to improvise
Did you cast the comedy, the one you plagiarize?

It’s hopeless anymore
The girl that I adore
You knew my broken heart
Was broken from the start

If I could make you stay
The pain would go away
You must have been the one
Who left me all alone?

Waking Up

Written By: Ferrigno-Berger-Ferrigno

Waking Up

White noise and purple prose
And red fields on yellow bones
Then startling the ghosts you slept among
Somebody says, “I love you”
Warm bodies all around you
Welcome to the future, little one

Stillness will come and silence will come
Sleepless and helpless and dark

The sun was just waking up
The stars were blinded again
Your eyes were just filling up
And my spirit started waking, waking up

She held him like a mother
And said, “we found each other,
Do you realize what you are to me?”
Would you waste your tears on sadness?
While the past is dust and ashes
You can be whatever you believe

Love With You

Written By: Ferrigno-Berger-Ferrigno

We can say that it’s just flirtation
If it will soothe your imagination
But when your fingertips send shivers up my spine
Anything else is a waste of time

If there’s a sensual implication
It’s more than an intimate fixation
Every time you go I nearly lose my mind
Anything else is a waste of time

Did you know that I’ve been with you all along?
Nothing came before you
I was born in California
Somewhere in the sun, in love with you

Though the world will shake and shudder
There’s a special song for dreamers and for lovers
And it’s yours; I dedicated every line
Anything else is a waste of time.


"The Starters" LP

Set List

We usually play 8 songs, about 30 minutes, consisting of 6 originals and 2 covers. We can play a one-hour set if needed.

intro-you don't know like i know (cover)
the hardest part
on and on
uptight (cover)