the State Of

the State Of

 Miami, Florida, USA

the State Of is an all female pop duo consisting of Steph Taylor and Nabedi Osorio. With Steph playing keyboard and synthesizer and Nabedi on drumset, sampler, and melodica, they will fool you into thinking you are listening to a 4 piece band.


the State Of is the product of the marriage between Steph Taylor’s edgy piano/synth playing and Nabedi Osorio’s electronic-like live drumming. Their dark pop sensibility is born out of their hometown of Miami, FL and is reminiscent of artists ranging from the Eurythmics and Bjork to Radiohead and the Police. Taylor’s style of playing is often percussive and dark where Osorio’s drumming is melodic and steadfast and when coupled, they create a dynamic sound larger than what’s expected out of two people.


the State Of Live in Studio (EP): 2009
Day of Abandon (Full Length): 2009
The Line (EP): 2010

Set List

2-3 hours worth of music consisting of mostly original songs with a few covers.