The State of The Art (TSOA)

The State of The Art (TSOA)


Alternative Rock (ex: foofighters, coheed and cambria) with metal tendencies (Motorhead, iron maiden, metalica)


Formed in Grand Rapids, MI, TSOTA began recording and playing gigs in the Michigan area in 2007, first as a 3 piece called THE RJ-TRIO, and then, with a line up change in 08, the State of the Art.

TSOTA's members come from all sorts of musical backgrounds. Metal, hip-hop, afro-beat, 90s alternative rock, classic rock, and hardcore just to name a few. Truth be told, the fact that they all ended up in the same band is actually quite amazing. And the results of such an unlikely match-up ended up being pretty amazing as well.


Survival DEMO (
Eventually DEMO (
Road DEMO (

Set List

Use of Weapons (3:00)
Bother me (4:00)
Survival (4:00)
Road (4:00)
The Spring (4:00)
Friend of a Friend (4:00)
Guardian (4:00)
Eventually (5:00)