The Static Port

The Static Port


The Static Port is a fruit smoothie of jazzy bananas, fusion apple juice, and the frozen berries picked from funk, progressive rock, and trance bushes grown in space.


"Jazz From Outer Space"

The Static Port is a groove-oriented quartet whose sound blends together funk, progressive rock and ambient/trance with jazz from outer space improvisation. Hailing from Albany, New York, the band features not one, but two bass players. The Static Port’s unique sound is accented by the double-barreled bass playing and is born from their improvisational jam sessions and Avant-garde experimentation. The musical roots of influence on the band include Frank Zappa, 70’s-era Miles Davis, King Crimson, and Medeski Martin and Wood.

Differentiating itself from the every day jazz or rock and roll band, The Static Port pushes the envelope into exploring the various affects of sound on the listener, with the resulting end: a mentally-charged musical journey.

The four members of The Static Port came together March of 2006, and since have been laying down the tracks for their largely instrumental debut album, due to be released July of 2007. The band is Neal Berntson/Drums & Percussion, Steve Gregory/Bass, Chris Jordan/Bass and Trumpet, and Bill Pyle/Guitar and Trombone.

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The Static Port's debut album is scheduled to be released July 2007. The three songs included on this EPK have been sampled to comply with Sonicbids upload capacities and therefor are shortened versions. The full length CD or MP3 format furnished upon request.

Early copies of The Static Port's debut album can be arranged for reviewers and for venues. Live CDs are available upon request.

Set List

Typical set list: our songs range from tightly composed works to simple bare-bones heads for jamming. We also like to free-improvise.

Our songs range from about 5 to 15 minutes, with some songs tightly arranged so that they are about the same length each time (most of these are in the 5 to 8 minute range), and some songs with sections that can be extended indefinitely.