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The Statler Project

Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom | SELF

Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom | SELF
Band Alternative Rock


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"Next Big Thing"

After their recent headline slot at The Next Big Thing event in The Carling Academy April 2008. XFM DJ - Jim Gellatly, described the music as containing elements of the Fall, Kasabian and Gang Of Four
On the night giving them the best band mantle - Jim Gellatly

"Mainstreams just so last year"

The Statler Project - Your Opinion My Opinion EP
Written by: PP on 16/12-10 at 06:50:30

Here's an interesting outfit. The Statler Project, from Glasgow, combine together electronic effects and a distinctly experimental approach to typical British indie rock to make it sound refreshing and extremely original on their EP "Your Opinion, My Opinion". Just to give you an idea of what to expect, take note of their drummer Chris Reid who puts out material in techno/house in his spare-time, and brings his experiences heavily into the sound of The Statler Project.

Basically, the premise is as follows. You take basic, arrogance-drenched, ready-for-radio indie rock of bands like Oasis (post "Standing On The Shoulders Of Giants") and Kasabian, and start meshing with the structure, style and sound to the extent that influences by those and other similar bands are only audible in the vocals, which are fairly catchy in nature. From here onwards, the sound becomes a mutable object, a playground for the members of this band, if you will, where traditional ideas about the genre are thrown in the bin and the white board begins to fill up with brainstorming of how to create something fresh and unique within the genre.

The result is pretty damn good. You have electronics echo dominantly around the soundscape, with extensive sections of pure psychedelic experimentalism demonstrating the avant-garde possibilities of a simple guitar effects pedal and electronics mixed together. The drums give each song a proper 'beat' in the conventional dance rock sense, certain to get girls' booties moving. The bass lives its own life, borrowing elements from jazz and funk to further shake up the mix of odd-flavored music that this EP consists of. When put together, it's kind of like listening to an indie band gone all funk and experimental on us, or a funk band who have inserted catchy vocals from indie rock with the aim of radio success in mind.

At this point, I don't even need to begin telling you about the bongos, tambourines and other funky things added in for good measure, because the basic gist is this: The Statler Project provide a highly unusual mix of styles, but somehow they make it work on each of the four tracks on offer. Lots of credit must go to the guy writing the melody lines for the vocals, because they are all catchy in a non-obvious way that'll grow on you over time. Most importantly, however, "Your Opinion, My Opinion" carries a fresh breath of originality with it. The quirky experimentalism of their sound is much alike what Foals did on their debut album: Something totally unique and different. [7½]
Download: Your Opinion My Opinion, Been In Your Streets
For the fans of: Kasabian, Foals, Oasis (experimental)
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Release date 2008

- Denmark

"Joy Promotions / Hijacked Records"

The Statler Project, a 6-piece indie, dance amalgamation With influences ranging from The Stone Roses and The Charlatans through to Joy Division and Carl Cox, The Statler Project produce an undeniably powerful, intense and groove-orientated sound. Their reputation as one of the best unsigned bands on the Glasgow scene is well-earned following support gigs with signed acts including Northside, Bonde Do Role, The Hedrons, Terry Hall (The Specials) and Peter Hook (New Order). 2008 promises to be a big year. E.P. now available to download from itunes.... - StussyUK

"Your Opinion My Opinion EP Review"

Grooves like an untamed beast

Already a hot live draw in their hometown of Glasgow, The Statler Project's debut EP does an excellent job of showcasing their powerful take on the indie-dance-rock fusion. Fans of Kasabian, Happy Mondays, Primal Scream and, more obscurely, New FADs, are advised to check them out. While all these influences are apparent, the band injects enough personality, originality and passion into its sound to make this EP an exciting proposition. Aside from the memorable lead track, Plenty grooves like an untamed beast, while No One's Gonna Make Me Tuck My Shirt In boasts a gloriously ferocious vocal, not to mention an admirably rebellious sentiment. The Deep Space remix of the title track is one to win over the clubbers, suggesting that The Statler Project could even become a bona fide crossover act before long. [Graeme Blaikie] - Graeme Blaikie The Skinny Magazine

"The Arches Glasgow"

The Statler Project
Glasgow, The Arches

The third band to take to the stage this night were The Statler Project.
As soon as these guys came on I knew it was gonna be good.
Every one of them had big grins on their faces. Now, either they were high, just saw something funny or were just the type of band to have a laugh on stage and enjoy performing... the latter it was.
They launched into their first track and next minute a bus load of people came from the back of the room right to the front of the stage.
This certainly was a night for bouncy dancey rock, as a group of guys at the front were bouncing about like mad and singing along to the words, you would think this was a huge well-known band the way the crowd were reacting to them, and from the presence the band had on stage, there was no mistaking these guys had something different.
It's so refreshing nowadays to go see an indie band without thinking they were just ripping off the usual bands like Stone Roses and Oasis, but these guys had their own style of indie rock, with dance influences showing through to give it a bit of oomph, and when you throw in bongos and a tambourine, you know you’re in for a good night.
Out of their full set you couldn’t pick out a bad song, but the song that really done it for me and still sticks in my mind, had to be their last song ‘The Kid’s Not Home In His Head’. This had the catchiest basslines and lyrics I’ve heard in a while, so much so, I’m still sitting here 24hrs later with the chorus still doing rounds in my memory.
I recommend you go have a listen to these guys and hear for yourself what a great band this is. (Gill Brammer)
- UK


Your Opinion My Opinion EP 2008
Age of Straight lines Single 2009

Broadcast by Jim Gellatly an avid follower of the band most recently on his amazing radio show on 27/1/11

Played on on 20.02.2012 put on regular rotation on Brain Office

Played by Scottish Fiction blog and radio show 13/2/12
also Salford City Radio 4/1//12, 15/2/12

Dogs got a bone radio show and pulse radio 6/2/12

Alternative North Manchester FM 106.6 on 17/2/12




Have received excellent reviews so far including 4/5 from the Sunday Mail stating "the band show promise for the future". Gill Brammer from UK Bands.NET rounded off her revue by saying: "I recommend you go hear for yourself what a great band this is." Potatojunkie stated. The Statler Project crank out indie rock with an undercurrent of funk, shored up by basslines fat enough to feed a family of four for a week.

Presented as the originators of 'Rudewave' this band are fresh and exciting.

Rudewave is more a flavour of their influences, inspirations and lifestyle rather than the brain busting grooves they put out.

Filled with 5 talented musicians who are without doubt the personification of entertainment in a tasty musical sandwich!

These guys will absolutely blow you away. They have taken up the standard proclaiming Glasgow to be one of the best live music city's on the planet and do it some justice.

Not only will you find yourself wanting to move to their energetic driven beats You'll break out into a gigantic smile along with them as you see just how much they enjoy doing what they do.

You won't know who to watch

From the word go you will pay attention and you are guaranteed an experience you will remember... YES! they are a very serious band and yes there are important subjects covered and serious messages in the lyrics but not in a "look at me everything I'm wearing is biodegradable" way.

This band don't preach they inform and more importantly they entertain.

This band certainly has PLENTY so it's over to you great people to show us 'Wot U got?'

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