The Staxx Brothers

The Staxx Brothers

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A Blind Rapper, a ½ Puerto Rican Jagger, and Gypsy walk out of a bar with one of the seminal Rock & Roll Records of the past decade. The Staxx Brothers have created a living document that uncovers Seattle’s lost lost identity as an urban crossroad for classic R & B, Hip Hop and Hard ASS Soul.


At the classic LP length of 46 minutes, The 12th Street Blues takes the listener through an analog signal path and back out on the streets, in a journey that defines The Staxx Brothers experience. Breaking the rules by realizing the true range (and influence) of American Soul, The 12th Street Blues is paved with gold. ‘Slowdown’ and ‘Easy Rider’ are post rap suites, the rave up ‘Black Market’ rocks relentlessly, and the Hip Hop opera ‘Keep the Motor Runnin’/ ‘Toshin’’ amble easily from New Orleans to Jamaica. As the album takes on another surprising turn towards the home stretch, the whiskey soaked ballad, ‘Back Home’ (recorded live) chases country back into the arms of Ray Charles. When the curtains finally close in full salute to Seattle’s greatest icon, ‘JMH I & II’- The Staxx Brothers give it all up for Jimi Hendrix in 10 incendiary minutes.

All songs of experience, The 12th Street Blues is like peering up from the storm drains of Seattle, seeing nothing but stars all pointed towards heaven. Or Memphis.

The Staxx Brothers have shared the stage with Blake Lewis, Kevin Sawka, Maktub, Panda Conspiracy and DJ Tina T. Members of the group have also performed alongside artists ranging from Tone Loc, the Drifters to Ray Charles


The 12th Street Blues
Live at the Commonfire LP

Set List

• Westsound
• Easy Rider
• Slowdown
• Red Hot Momma
• On Ice
• Keep The Motor Runnin’
• Toshin
• Man’s World
• Little Big Time
• Almost Got Shot
• Apollo
• Helter Skelter
• Back Home
• JMH I & II