St. Cloud

St. Cloud

 Austin, Texas, USA

The new project of Brian Beken (South Austin Jug Band) and Shane Walker (The Gougers). It's everything from indie-alt-country to alternative-roots-rock, anything in between and a few things beyond. It will get loud.


"Being creative is all about starting over… and this band is so different from anything we have ever done before... we have the freedom just get together and experiment and see what sticks… It's an incredibly refreshing thing, and we all feel pretty lucky to be a part of it." -- St. Cloud

St. Cloud is a Rock band from Austin, Texas that started as a songwriting session between friends Shane Walker from The Gougers and Brian Beken from The South Austin Jug Band. Through the dissolution of these projects in 2009, St. Cloud became an opportunity to move past their traditional folk-music origins and into a more progressive direction.

"We listen to Wilco, Tom Waits, Radiohead, Terry Allen," says Walker. "It's wrong to say we sound like any of those groups. No one sounds like Radiohead. But all of those guys bring to the table this overwhelming originality; and, in that sense, ironically, they are the bands we emulate".

All emulation aside, the lyrical presence and sonic prowess that this band wields is impressive. Volatile guitar tones, ruminative lyrics, and articulate rhythmic movements are at the center of St. Cloud's sound.

Supported by The Underground Agency (Austin TX), St. Cloud’s will self-release a full-length album in 2011 and keep things moving forward with innovative original music for fans and critics.


St. Cloud EP

Set List

Typical 45 - 60 minute set consists of 10 to 12 songs
Movie Stars
Ten Minute Dream
Teen Angster
Lt. Dan's Lament
Stained Glass Eyes

Goin' Out West (Tom Waits)
Bad Girl (Devendra Banhardt)
Sunny Southern California (Terry Allen)
At Least That's What You Said/Via Chicago (Wilco)
Goin' Out West (Tom Waits)