The Steak House Mints

The Steak House Mints

 Chicago, Illinois, USA



"Their sound is an intricate and beautiful style of orchestral pop influenced by the Zombies, Nick Drake and "Pet Sounds"-era Beach Boys as well as more global avatars such as Os Mutantes and Astrud Gilberto." 

-Jim DeRogatis, Chicago Sun Times

The Steak House Mints are comprised of curent and former members of Filter, Backyard Tire Fire, Magic Box, and Maggie Speaks.

 2013 was a good year for The Steak House Mints.  The band released their second CD and played great shows including an appearance at Taste of Chicago.  A successful radio campaign led to airplay on 158 stations nation wide. 

 On their second album, Love Songs for Prostitutes, The Steak House Mints continue to explore a wide variety of genres including glam rock, punk, psychedelic folk, orchestral pop, and even a little mariachi.  The thread that ties this collection together is strong song writing characterized by catchy melodies and clever lyrics.

 The Mints are proud to have been selected by Metromix as one of Chicagos top ten unsigned bands and featured on MTVs My Life as Liz and Public Televisions Road Trip Nation.  


Blue Fly

Written By: Billy Dave Sherman

All the angels up in heaven
Dressed up in their Sunday clothes
They've got nowhere to go.
They're waiting for someone
To tell them how to use their brand new wings to fly

Blue Fly

Singing loudly in the shower
Watching light turn into water and then back again to light.
Tornado twisting by my toes
Around and down the drain it goes

Blue Fly

Here it comes.
Here wego.
Everyone, huddle close.
Hunker down.
Settle in.
Let's begin.

At the bottom of the ocean
You can not hear the waves above you as they crash without a sound.
But you can tell somebody loves you up above you
There in the sun
They're free

Blue Fly

Out of the Sky

Written By: Billy Dave Sherman

Day in the life of a shell of a man,
On the edge of a knife,
The whole world in his hands.
In the blink of an eye,
In the eye of the storm,
At the heart of it all there is blood beating warm.
And a chill in the air and a hush in the room and a glimmer of hope
And a moment of truth
At the end of the line
there's a line in the sand
By some twist of fate,
By some slight of hand.

Nothing left to say or do
Nothing's funny that's not true.
Nothing's good that is easy.
Nothing here for you to see.
Might as well give it a try.
Maybe live before we die.
Chase the clouds out of the sky.
Chase the clouds out of the sky.

Wake to the sound of the radio news.
Everyon's going mad,
So sad and confused.
Dazed and amazed by theses signs of the times
By the time on my hands,
By the time we got by,
By the light of the moon
By the by, by the way.
Do we lie when we mean
What we do when we say
"At the end of the road,
When the means meet the ends,
Are God and the devil
The closest of friends?"


Jack in the box was king of the hill
A flash in the pan till he fell for Jill,
A prince for a kiss or a frog in well?
He'll never know and she'll never tell.


If I Were President

Written By: Billy Dave Sherman

If I were president,
I’d go to parties with the movie stars.
I’d ride around in a big sports car.
I’d finish 18 under par.
I’d be drinkin’ gin and dry vermouth.
And I’d try to always tell the truth.
And I would raise the roof but I would never raise the rent,
If I were president.

If I were president
My first lady’d be a stone cold fox
I’d cover her in furs and rocks
I’d make peace between the nerds and jocks
I’d make sure every cowboy had a gun
And find out what’s up with area 51
And I would drive a fire engine every where I went
If I were president

I’d make sure my family had good jobs with benefits.
My cabinet would be my closest friends.
I’d eliminate all the heathens and the degenerates
And then we’d party as if it were the end.

If I were president,
I’d try not piss off the C.I.A.
Look what they did to J.F.K.
And M.L.K. and R.F.K.
I am glad I’m not a Kennedy.
If I was, I would not want to be.
And I would thank each one of you for every single cent,
If I were president.

If I were president,
I’d send the elephants back to Africa,
Where they all could get some part time jobs
Helping out the poor locals.
I would free the monkeys from the zoo
And declare a binding worldwide truce.
And I’d have front tickets to my favorite sports events,
If I were president!

All Because of You

Written By: Billy Dave Sherman

I’m back in the blue again
I’m back at square one.
I’m dancing with you again
I’m back in the sun.
I’m walking on clouds again.
I’m back in the scene.
I’m laughing out loud again.
Everything’s green!

And what it all comes down to is
You love me.
I was rescued by your kiss,
It’s true.
And no matter what I do,
Now my grey skies all are blue.
It’s all because of you.

Now love never knew my name
Until you knew mine.
Gone is the pouring rain,
Back is the sunshine.
I’ll never be blue again.
I’ll never grow old.
Everything’s new again.
Everything gold!

And what it all comes down to is
You love me.
I was rescued by your kiss,
It’s true.
And no matter what I do,
Now my grey skies all are blue.
It’s all because of you.

You’re the sky and I’m the sea.
Let your love rain down on me.

What Are The Chances

Written By: Billy Dave Sherman

I wasn’t going your way
But when I saw you today
You made me change my destination.
Now I’m not a stalker or a real smooth talker
But you, you are temptation.

So here am I, at the bus stop aiming for casual.
I’m kind of shy, but if I just break through it’d be magical.
This could be one of the world’s great romances
You and me babe, what are the chances?

Then we both got on board and I prayed to the lord
Please let me think of something clever.
I tried to be cool as I sat nest you
I knew the time was now or never.

So here are we on the 147 to anywhere
Look at me try to make eye contact but not to stare.
Could it be the two of us exchanging glances?
You and me babe, what are the chances?

How do you do today?
How do like that book?
I really dig your look.
Why don’t we run away?

The moment had come, my heart beat like a drum.
I got the nerve to ask you what time it was.
I knew I had missed as you glanced at my wrist
And my watch started to beep and buzz.

Then we stopped and on walked some Mr. wonder man
My heart dropped when he sat down, smiled and you took his hand.
Balloon popped by the needle of our circumstances
You and me babe, what are the chances?


Written By: Billy Dave Sherman

Now we’re locked in battle
A fight we could not choose
My worthy foe the time has come
For one of us to loose.

My fingers itch my muscle twitch
Anticipation shivers me.
I will be your shining knight
And blind you with my chivalry.

Hi Ya

My Kung fu grip will never let you slip.
I’ll bite you on the neck and then I’ll take away your lips.
Karate chop I’ll beat you like a cop
I’ll love you like a pimp until you beg me not to stop

Hi Ya

My cunning is relentless
Your forces are defenseless
My efforts will be restless
It won’t be long thy will be done
Surround you like a heat wave
Pound you like some deep bass
Pray to keep your soul safe
Prepare yourself for here it comes

Sweet surrender from your will
I’ll release you.
Now be still.
Feed your hunger, quench the fire
I will free you from desire.

Hi Ya

The Diplomat Hotel

Written By: Billy Dave Sherman

Out here on the sunny side the air is sweet
Take the red line or the brown line
And head on down to Sheffield Street.

Tony at the front desk never has nothing to say
He’ll let you have your usual
But first you gotta pay

The Diplomat Hotel
The Diplomat Hotel
Where we landed when we fell
The Diplomat Hotel

There’s a bathroom down the hall if you need a shower
There’s always rooms available
By the day, week, or the hour

Put a quarter in the slot to make the mattress rock
And when you need a bottle,
Big City’s just around the block

The Diplomat Hotel
The Diplomat Hotel
Never kiss and never tell
The Diplomat Hotel

There’s rats and roaches and color t.v.
They’re not responsible for stolen property
When you leave, you have to leave your key

The black girls at the doughnut shop all like to tease and flirt
And show the boys from Naperville
What’s up underneath they skirts

Nobody knows nothing when the police come around
And you can always get some action
If the Cubs are back in town

The Diplomat Hotel
The Diplomat Hotel
We’ll write and say we’re swell
The Diplomat Hotel

Don't Mess with Me

Written By: Billy Dave Sherman

You may think I’m not as tough as you
But I’m made of rubber and baby you’re made of glue
From where you stand I seem sort of small
Maybe I might wobble but you’ll never make me fall.

Don’t mess with me
If you do, you’ll be sorry

I know that there are better ways to settle differences
But what I got is what you want and what you got is his
Apparently you are the kind who’s not afraid of taking
But if you think that I’ll just give it up then you’re sorely mistaken

Don’t mess with me
If you do, you’ll be sorry

Not so much a chip but the moon on my shoulders
I would just turn around walk away go grow older
Or not with me

You look at me and all you see’s a frail and fragile girl
But come a little closer and I’ll rock your loving world
One for the money to show you what it’s all about
Knock me round or up or down, but you’ll never knock me out.

Don’t mess with me
If you do, you’ll be sorry

Just Drive

Written By: Billy Dave Sherman

We may never come this way again
This will be a memory we’ll look back on when
The nights grow colder
And we’ll both grow old somehow
Just Drive

I’ll remember how you held me here
Until everything was through
Please say you’ll remember me too
And the wheels keeps rollin and the road keeps rolling by
And the farms and the fields and the trees keep rolling by.

Just Drive

You never know how far you can go
Until you’ve gone too far
You fall asleep and wake up alone
And there you are
Yeah, yeah, yeah!

The day may come when we’re all done
Chasing possibility and sailing toward the sun
And the leaves stop falling
And I stop loving you
And we loose this feeling like we both knew what was true.

Just Drive

You never know how far you can go
Until you’ve gone too far
You come home late and nobody’s home
And there you are
Yeah, yeah, yeah

I’ll go anywhere with you, just drive!
Don’t look back, just drive


Written By: Billy Dave Sherman


And now my love the elevator
Will take us where we need to go.

I’m high
So high

Close the door and push the button.
Feel the floor beneath your feet.

I’m High
So high

Look beyond the door
It’s breathing.
This is all believing.

Third floor: bridal registry,
Housewares, children’s accessories
Beauty, intimates, returns, and other picture postcards.

Look beyond the door
It’s glowing
This is more than knowing.


Out of The Sky - 2008
Love Songs for Prostitutes - 2013