The Stephen Bulman TRIO

The Stephen Bulman TRIO


The Stephen Bulman TRIO is an up tempo band that touches on reggae, jazz, bluegrass, rock, and blues. All together they are simply an incredible jam band with neatly formatted songs and off the wall improvisations. The lyrics are well thought out and have great hooks. THE MUSIC WILL MAKE YOU DANCE


With influences ranging from Nirvana to Miles Davis and The gratefull Dead to Chopin, The Stephen Bulman TRIO has a unique upbeat aproach of playing tightly structured songs and intense improvised solo's. This Philadelphia area band loves giving the crowd something to sing and dance too and masters the tension and release tactic of building up a solo together as a band.

There first show they ever played as a band was in Febuary of 07. Steve had been working on his acoustic solo work but missed letting loose on an electric guitar. He grabbed two aquatances of his being Jason Cook and Mike Brinkworth for this one time gig. With one practice he taught mike and Jason songs he'd written over the years. They went to town and so did the crowd. After the gig Steve simply said to mike, "I guess I should book more gigs"? Mike replied, "YEP'. That was it. The Stephen Bulman TRIO was established and had a following on there first gig.


The Man Over EP contains 4 incredible Tracks
- Blue to Gray
- 78
- Goodbye/Scream
- A song for you

Set List

enough original material for over 120 minutes and enough material including covers for over 240 minutes

- Our sets are usually all orinal with a cover here or there just for fun.