The Stepkids

The Stepkids

 Bridgeport, Connecticut, USA

Psychedelic soul. Funkadelic meets The Zombies. CSNY meets Pharoah Sanders. Fronted by 3 singer/songwriters, and performed live with interactive visuals, a Stepkids show is a dynamic, multi-disciplinary experience.


The Stepkids are singer/songwriters Dan Edinberg, Jeff Gitelman, and Tim Walsh. They will be releasing their self-titled debut LP in August of 2010.

Formed in late 2009, this group's genesis was a long-time-coming. Edinberg and Gitelman have been playing music together for 12 years, yet their commitments to other projects (Gitelman - 2 years playing guitar for Alicia Keys; Edinberg - 5 years touring/recording with indie act Zox) stalled their focus on finally forming a proper band together. As Edinberg's commitment to Zox was winding down, Gitelman introduced him to Walsh, and the trio immediately began writing/recording together. After experimenting with recording to analogue tape, the trio knew they had found their sound, and Gitelman left Alicia Keys to focus on The Stepkids full-time.

The Stepkids debut LP fuses the influences that the three members have held near-and-dear their entire lives. Trained primarily as jazz musicians, and then moving on to gospel, r+b, and rock, the bandmates sought to bring out the musicality of each of these styles, yet at the same time not to be purely imitative. While broad in its stylistic scope, the LP has a very unified and distinct sound that makes for a potent, memorable listening experience. The album tracks are ordered as they were written; it is meant to be heard in its entirety. The album CD packaging is a three-dimensional popup staircase, designed and constructed by the band themselves.

The Stepkids will be touring worldwide throughout the latter half of 2010 and beyond.


The Stepkids (self-titled) LP

Set List

original songs:
Brain Ninja
Suburban Dream
Shadows on Behalf
Legend In My Own Mind
Santos & Ken
La La
Cup Half Full

Typical set-length is one hour.