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The StereoBirds @ The Century Lounge

Providence, Rhode Island, USA

Providence, Rhode Island, USA

The StereoBirds @ TT the Bear's Place

Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Boston, Massachusetts, USA

The StereoBirds @ The Lucky Dog

Worcester, Massachusetts, USA

Worcester, Massachusetts, USA

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The MockingBirds lost their name over some '60s band, but the attitude remains. The StereoBirds take the stage with a scant house (where the hell were you, anyway?) but rock the shit regardless. The music is low-down, extra-gritty Americana, with serious balls. Heather Rose (lead vocals) is the female equivalent to all those bad-ass, cold-give-a-fuck male vocalists that the NME always raves about, but she's right here and dishing it out locally for $7 a show.

The new bass player rocks- stage presence enough to balance out the joyous, total ham tht is their guitarist, and he sings. The fact that they started off with a cover tune gets me thinking by mid set that this band's original material could easily be just as time-tested and listener-approved.

My co-pilot for the evening calls them "worth the $7 by themselves," I concur... I walk away to my co-pilot's car, having thoroughly enjoyed The StereoBirds.

- The Noise-Boston

Review of:The MockingBirds: Work Yourself to the Middle Class
Engineered by Randy Hunicke at Newcastle Sound / Mastered by Christine Lilley at Celebration Sounds

By: Pete Valle

Work Yourself to the Middle Class is the sing-alsong record of the year. Providence Pheonixs best New Band of 1999, The MockingBirds have successfully created indie rock with western shuffle, sprinkled it with a little lyrical anger and humor, energized it with good ol fashioned bar band stomp and created a record for which the repeat button on CD players was created. The album runs the gamut of fast paced pop tunes like Elvis (Hey Deanna) and slower, heartfelt heartbreak songs like Blackcrow.

This record would be at home on the range or bellying up to the bar. Anywhere people wear their emotions on their sleeves, singer Heather Rose will be there with her band of cowboys to get you through a long lonely night, or prime you up for a party.

Rose is the queen of the birds, her voice recalls Alanis Morissette witha country twang, her lyrics are clerver and honest and her delivery is pure energy, you can imagine her dancing around the booth holding the headphones on her head. The highlight of the record is Dumbest Mofo. It is too bad the song will never reach mainstream radio because there would be people on highways from here to California singing along, Youre nothing but a fool brother, your aint nothing but a drag/ Youre the dumbest motherfucker that Ive ever had.

Press play, again and again...
- Northeastern Performer

By: Bob Gulla

There’s been lots of beavering in the Stereobirds camp. Their new single, "Nicole America," is almost ready for release, as is "Here Again," a tune written in memory of Mike "Doctor Metal" Gonsalves and Nick O’Neill, featuring Tanya Donelly and Elizabeth Steen. Coincidentally, "Here Again" made its radio premiere the other night on WHJY. "Because of the holiday season, we felt that Doc’s station’s DJs and staff might be hurting pretty badly," says the Birds’ Heather Rose, "so we dropped off a few advance copies of ‘Here Again’ to let them know people haven’t forgotten about the tragedy and the memory of the victims." In other ’Birds news, the top 25 finalists in’s Band Search 2003 were announced this week and the Stereobirds are at the top of the list. (Other locals include Illustrious Day, Turning Blue, Motormags, and Monty’s Fan Club.) If you remember, last year’s winner was M-80 and it proved to be a boon career-wise. According to Heather, "We were also moved up to a Priority Artist on Buzzplay."

Lastly, Tanya and Elizabeth autographed the first 25 limited edition copies of American Girls, American Boys, the band’s new CD. Act fast to get one at their website: . Join the Stereobirds in their own personal quest for world domination. Or at least buy their great new disc.

- Providence Phoenix

For Nick:
Write-up by: Bob Gulla

If you’ve been following the almost daily reports in BeloJo and the stories here in the Phoenix, you know that the continued suffering of the Station nightclub fire is still palpable for most Vo Dilunduhs. This is compounded by the dire need that so many of the victims and their families face. Fortunately, benefit events go on every week and will have to continue for some time. All we can say is keep ’em coming since they are needed in so many ways.

One such event that we are involved in (Jorge, a.k.a Rudy Cheeks will emcee) will be this Friday, May 30 at the All Children’s Theater, which is located at the Vartan Gregorian School at 455 Wickenden St., Providence. It’s the brainchild of Richard and Tanya Donelly. You probably know Richard as one of the most powerful actors to grace the stage, primarily here and in Boston. His daughter, Tanya is, of course, one of the most prominent rock ‘n’ rollers the Biggest Little has ever produced, playing first with Throwing Muses, then with the Breeders and Belly.

The show is to benefit the Nick O’Neill Scholarship fund for the All Children’s Theater. Nick was the talented young musician, songwriter, and actor who perished in the fire. His band, Shyne, was just starting to make a mark and he spent many of his early teen years performing at the ACT. His creative spirit inspired a number of top-notch Rhode Island-based performers to get together for this show. It starts at 7 p.m. and will feature Tanya, playing with Dean Fisher (formerly of the Juliana Hatfield Three), Delta Clutch, the MockingBirds (playing their last gig as the MockingBirds, hereinafter to be known as the StereoBirds), Eric Fontana, and members of Slim Cessna’s Auto Club/Blackstone Valley Sinners.

If you’re not familiar with the local music scene, P&J can assure you that this is an incredibly strong lineup of folks who are producing some of the best music around. Further information and reservations (probably a good idea because this ought to be a sellout) can be obtained by calling (401) 435-5300.
- Providence Phoenix


The’Birds needed a clean break name-wise. As noted, they will celebrate the birth of the StereoBirds on Friday at the Nick O’Neill benefit, and on Saturday (the 31st) at the Century Lounge, where the new ’Birds will be joined by former VEJ front man, John Ronci, on bass. Their set will be followed by Atlantic Records recording artists Antigone Rising.

TANYA DONELLY & FRIENDS. Local girl will anchor a benefit for the Nick O’Neill Scholarship Fund, which will take place on Friday (the 30th) at the Vartan Gregorian School on Wickenden Street in Providence. Nick died in the Station fire and has been the object of much admiration in the months since.

The night, which will be emceed by none other than Rudy Cheeks, will feature Tanya playing with Dean Fisher, Blizzard of 78 (formerly Delta Clutch), the StereoBirds (formerly the Mockingbirds; see below), Eric Fontana, and members of Slim Cessna’s Auto Club/Blackstone Valley Sinners. Everyone will be playing short acoustic sets except for Tanya, who will be doing a full set, something that happens too rarely around here. The show runs from 7 to 10:30 p.m., and the venue is the All Children’s Theater, where Nick spent much of his time. Admission is $20. You can go to the following website for more info on Nick: Call 435-5300 for reservations.

- Providence Phoenix

February 20, 1999
Mtv Online Article-

The MockingBirds Discuss Thought-Provoking Power Pop

When you think of a pop song, what comes to mind? Usually, it's catchy music and fluffy lyrics, packaged to appeal to the masses without offending a soul. As a culture, we've come to accept pop music as something mindless and fun: a happy diversion to our heavy days.

THE MOCKINGBIRDS don't think so, as a recent chat with them proves. The band's musical style is a pop-rock/ twangy country mixture, with thought-provoking lyrics that push political limits. Guitarist/ songwriter Kenny Cardoso claims that "we're so pop you don't even realize we're political," proving the band's not just out to make a statement. They're as much about having fun with the music as they are about taking a stand.

Throughout their high school days in Cumberland, Rhode Island, Kenny, bassist Mike Sullivan, and drummer Kevin Berard all performed in various "rock bands with bad names," trying to get a start in the musical business like any other teenage dreamers. In 1997, THE MOCKINGBIRDS came together when the trio spotted powerful vocalist Heather Rose performing with another local project. "She was amazing," says Kenny. "She was the best singer we heard at the time ... it was her and her voice."

With its future sealed, the band released a recording in early 1998 and played clubs in the Providence area. Heather thanks the local scene's support for the success the MOCKINGBIRDS have had when performing. "Bands always go see other bands.... If you support them, then they'll come to your show and start a buzz."

After positive feedback and a growing fan base sparked confidence, THE MOCKINGBIRDS recorded again, with a new CD being released this year. Kenny discussed the band's changes in sound from one year to the next: "Our style has matured [since the first release]. We've improved as musicians and learned from our mistakes.... We learned with the first recording how to scrimp and still put out quality ... now we've learned how to balance everything out."

This emphasis on learning from experience has paid off, with a more mature live presence emerging as the musicians improve their personal sound. Most of the band members agree that the first song of the evening sets the tone for the night; Mike credits their newfound maturity for succeeding when that first song may not work out. "If we start off on fire, it carries. If not, now we can usually just get past it."

As with any performance, there can be snags -- from technical problems to nerves -- but the band members deal with them as well as they can. "I still get butterflies, but nervousness makes me do well," Heather claims. By feeding off the crowd's energy, she makes nerves work for her.

THE MOCKINGBIRDS have a distinctive sound: Country-rock influence flows through the songs faster than Kenny can toss on his cowboy hat before the set. Heather even gets a chance to pick up a cowbell and bang away. But the band members credit influences ranging from the THE BEATLES and REM (Kenny idolizes JOHN LENNON) for the boys and BELLY and LIZ PHAIR for Heather. Heather's singing style comes from a love of TANYA DONELLY: "When I was younger, I played the tennis racket and tried to be a rock star." She attributes her onstage persona to "attempting to put on a SHERYL CROW mystique." The band takes this melting pot of heroes and manages to create a fun, pop-based forum for displaying their "personal politics."

The band has similar dreams to many of the local Providence bands: "Ask any local band -- we'd like a record deal, we'd like more exposure. Every band wants a lot of people to hear it, and we're no different. We're not really looking for people to like us," explains Kenny.

"Wait," Mike interjects. "We do want people to like us!"

As the band looks at each other and laughs, it's hard to escape the purely sweet moment. You want to like them -- for their ability to craft "candy-coated" critiques on the politics of suburbia, and their aspirations of being one more local sensation that finally succeeds.
- Christine Pawlak

The Noise (Rock Around Boston) June 2003 Issue #232
By: Kier Byrnes

The MockingBirds, hailing from Providence, Rhode Island, have been making a stir in the Boston music scene for years with their mix of power punk and good old roots rock. However, lately things have been quiet from the perch. But as April showers bring May flowers, it also bringts a flurry of new MockingBird material. The irony is that it technically can no longer be called MockingBird material.because the band has changed their name to The StereoBirds. I spoke with Heather Rose, the beautiful, talented, and very un-camera shy lead singer.

NOISE: So why is the band changing it's name?

HEATHER: The band has been working with Rusty Harmon -former manager of Hootie & The Blowfish- and Dick Hodgin, who produced our EP in progress. Things are getting serious for us so they urged us to get our ducks in a row. We couldnt' keep The MockingBirds because there were bands in the past and present with that name. So long story short, we're now The StereoBirds.

NOISE: Wait, did I just hear "Hootie & The Blowfish"? You guys aren't trying to be the next big cheesy frat boy band, are you? How did you hook up with this guy?

HEATHER: We showcased at the Nashville Music Conference late 2001. There I charmed Dick Hodgin, who produced the demo that got Hootie signed. Hodgin loved our sound, gave us a call, and that following April he recorded us at Raleigh, NC's Osceola Studios. Soon after, Rusty listened to the tracks, dug them and came to see us in Providence. That sparked more interest in our music and future. So I cant get into the legal end, but we will be working closely with him. I love the guy! He's like 6'8 or something! He's a great friend but damn I'm staying on his good side!!! It would be funny to see him pick up Kenny and just lob him somewhere though! And no. We will never be part of the frat music movement!

NOISE: You have a bunch of new stuff coming up. What's the deal?

HEATHER: We have a DVD and CD from the benefit shows put on at The Century Lounge and The Call. The CDC will include one new song called, Blackout and a short interview with us about our feelings on The Station Tragedy.

NOISE: That whole thing was very sad. Its good to see that you are getting involved.

HEATHER: We have played about five benefit shows and have many more to go. In conjuncti9on with the DVD, there'll also be a compilation CD released separately called The Call To Action: Benefit CD for Station Fire Victims put out by Liquid Blue. All proceeds will go to the Victims Fund.

NOISE: Very cool. YOu guys are a big RHode Island band, have you noticed any different trends in clubs there since the Station tragedy?

HEATHER: Yeah! Definately. Everything is stricter especially club capacity. But, damn, I'd rather deal with that than take the chance of another tragedy. There was and still is a decline in club attendance. The older crowd is paranoid that all rock bands use pyrotechnics and the younger crowd is being held captive by scared parents. All this will level off soon I'm sure, but believe me, it's still quite erie and painful around here.

NOISE: Have you ever played The Station?

HEATHER: We played there a few years back. It was more of a hard rock venue, but a great club just the same. My girlfriend and I live 10minutes away and were actually at The Station a week before this happened. We were watching my friend (now our new bass player) John Ronci's band VEJ. We were up that night and saw the special report as soon as it came on. It was horrifying!

NOISE: Were any of you personally affected by the tragedy?

HEATHER: We all were. You've heard of Six Degrees of Seperation? RI has Two Degrees, if that. I personally lost a good friend, 94 HJY DJ The Doctor. Our bass player at the time, Buzz Lyon, lost his friend Louie Alves. My friend Tim got out, but lost 3 friends.

NOISE: How are you dealing with this as a musician?

HEATHER: We play as many benefit shows as possible. We have one coming up May 30th for Nick O'Neill, the lead singer of Shryne. Tanya Donelly asked if we would play to raise money for a fund in his name. I recently was able to write a song about the tragedy. It was hard, but needed to be done.

NOISE: What other releases are coming up besides the benefit tracks?

HEATHER: Our song Nicole America will be featured on the two upcoming Local Mix compilations. They are selling one CD and releasing another in Decibel Magazine. We also recorded an EP in Raleigh, North Carolina last summer but have decided to release a song at a time pending contracts that are in the works. Why pay for our CD to come out when someone else might? Soooooo.... The StereoBirds have been very busy!

NOISE: What is some of your new material about?

HEATHER: Political tunes and break-up songs. The fact that Dubbya Bush is considered president put enough political - Kier Byrnes


Still working on that hot first release.



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