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Nicole America

Written By: CARDOSO... rose

Nicole AmericaShe's addicted to caffieneShe drinks it all the timeShe's just a babyHaving babies all the timeShe smokes her cigarretteslike they're going out of styleFor every inch you're gonna walk a mile{Bridge}:Don't you wanna go where the kids go.. to lay and shake?Don't you wanna go where they all go... to lay and shake?Living in-a.. She's living in-a{Chorus}:In Ame-ri-caLiving in AmericaShe's living in Ame-ri-ca... living in Americaooh ooh ooh ooh oohooh ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh oohShe dyes her hair blondeShe thinks she fools herselfShe knows there's something wrong..with everybody elseThat one's a cannonballwith her own reggae songShe's out there climbing walls...because she knows she'll fall[Bridge][Chorus]You smell like alcoholYou taste like mentholYou're gonna wind up dead somedayLittle Miss Independant of the USAAsk her if she's happy and she'll have nothing to sayShe works the 9 to 5She's got the "5 to 1" No one get's out aliveEspecially the numb![Bridge][Chorus]

Here Again

Written By: Rose

Heard about it.
I was there not a week before.
Like a fool on a losing streak, put my head in my hands and fell to the floor...


Written By: Rose

Optimism's over-rated
Drama that you've illustrated
I'm not feeling compensated for your lies