The Sterling Clan

The Sterling Clan


The Sterling Clan is a Southern California modern rock band influenced by pre-1979 rock, blues and soul.
Fronted by a dynamic male/ female vocal duo supported by guitar, keys, bass and drums, their songs evoke images inspired by the soul and character of the old and new Western frontier.


In June 2012, a small group of friends working at a local Guitar Center in Southern California began recording at founder David Johnson's home studio.Varied influences and a common desire to make some the best records ever brought them together, out of this alchemy came a new band, The Sterling Clan.

The bands groove was born out of the blues of long ago, molded into guitar/organ driven rock that grooves and struts to a rock beat, awesomely lifted by the stellar vocal power. The sound is dynamic, and powerful, the songs are hooky, memorable and notably visual, crossing genres and generations with a taste for riff rock and rhythm.
Most bands build a live set and try to capture it in a recording, TSC had done just the opposite, so at the end of 2012, it was time to take the sound on the road to see how it would translate to a live performance. It did not disappoint, and in 2013, the band is focused on the live stage, bringing its shows to steadily growing crowds at the Coach House, Detroit Bar and the House of Blues in Anaheim.