The Steroset

The Steroset


We are a fun loving rock and roll band that likes to mix it up with a variety of songs. We can play long format music as well as structured compositions. We sounds good live as well as on tape and ar ehungry to show the world what we have.


The Stereo Set is the culmination of five years of collaboration between songwriters Aaron Fisher and Johnny K. The band brings contrasting song styles together with the glue of musicianship and a little rock and roll élan.

Johnny and Aaron met in San Francisco in 2001 when guitarist Aaron was looking for a keyboard player for his EP. Their band, originally called Cadence, played in the Bay Area and around California and the Pacific Northwest. After three years and two albums, Aaron and Johnny, both east coast natives, decided to move the band to New York. They changed their name to The Stereo Set and changed the lineup, teaming up with drummer Amol Sogal and bassist Justin Goldner to give The Stereo Set its current incarnation.

Some of the band’s favorites include “Give it to me,” a soul-charged song about concert-going, “All That You Want,” a rock and roll anthem of self-realization, and “Boreas,” a quirky love song for four winds of Greek myth. Soaring guitar over a pavement of classic piano rock with songs of life, love and time play as well in a dingy dive revel as in an audiophile’s stereo set.

Johnny Knag plays piano, organ and keyboards. His musical background stems from classical piano training, church choirs and garage bands

Aaron Fisher plays guitar. He studied music at Weslyan University and continues to study the secrets of the perfect guitar tone.

Justin Goldner plays bass. He studies music at New York University. He is also plays piano and guitar with New York band Funky Butter.

Amol Sogal is Doctor of the Beat and Guardian of the Rhythm. Growing up in NE Ohio, Amol was trained through various school choirs, jazz bands and yes, garage bands as well.


All That You Want

Written By: The Stereoset

You can be all that you want
Yes you can
You can be all that you want
Yes you can
You can be all that you want
Or you can be alone

I’ve seen you fall like the rain coming down
Broken into pieces, torn from your frame
I’ve seen you fall
I’ve seen you fall like the rain
Crashing to the ground
The night and the sun
Will seek you out and raise you up
And dry out out
Not unlike the dew
(it could happen to you)

You could be the mother of the child
That heals the world
There she’d be standing right beside you
Such pretty girls
She’d be the only other with a smile
To reveal the hearts of men

You could have everything you want
Don’t you know
You could have everything you dreamed of
Long ago
You could have all that you need
Just listen to me

You don’t have to be alone


Written By: The Stereoset

Boreas, my cold wind lover
Your kiss makes me want to run for cover
You’re too much
But I can’t find another
To teach me the strength of a cold wind summer
North Wind blower is gonna make me shudder
From the pain in the rain I feign to distain I complain just to keep me sane

Notos, don’t you know that you’re almost
A Leather Goddess of Phobos
You’re too close
To make me notice
That you drive me home where I find me some solace
Your warm and sweet invisible coitus
Gonna wrap me up and
Take me away for the day I won’t stay on the quay lets play today

The sunshine blows my tears away

Euros, capricious taste of chance
You move me away with a second glance
Its too late
I the delicious dance
To get my self back to your original stance
Guildenstern and Rosencrantz knew the whim of your
Bite in the fight of their life to finally find that height where there is no strife

Zephyrus, my earth wind ringer
Don’t you know that you are loved by the singer
Earth blood; it slips through my fingers
You give all you got and still you’re a give
Won’t you heal us (to the notes of the singer)
Won’t you make us see
The love in your blood gonna take us above with the dove
I discover the way

The sunshine blows my tears away

Give It To Me

Written By: The Stereoset

I’m searching for Amazing waiting crazed at the sound of the moon
Stuck inside this maze of tired t-shirts
Can you see me?
I’m standing up as tall as I can be
Why stretch myself to the limit? Why strain and crane for every minute?
If I could just get high enough to see
Where the rippling waves are phasing in and out and around in the room

And you thought I was all ears
You thought I was all ears
God I wanted to be all ears
When you whispered white lies as we glide on the dance floor
You found out I was two left feet

I’m too scared to pull my moves until they find that groove
I’m too scared to pull my moves until they find that groove
When I finally find my moves
I find the music just gives it all to me
I can alter my own reality
And although here we are many
Sweet music, sweet muse, just give it all to me


Cadence (former name) - Lemonchild
The Stereoset - Away

Set List

Give it me
All That You Want