The Riley-Wyman Factor

The Riley-Wyman Factor

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The Steve Riley Band prides itself by refusing to “fit into a label” regarding style of music. Steve Riley, the band’s singer-songwriter, believes that labeling a group or individual as belonging to one particular style or genre, has a tendency to “hinder creativity.”


A rather traumatic event became the catalyst for what would become an event with a positive outcome. After the death of his father, while at the funeral, Steve Riley came in contact with someone he had not seen for many years. Wyman Harrell, the band’s lead guitarist, is a cousin of Steve Riley. It had been 10 years since they had any contact but both of them had been into the music scene for quite sometime. After some serious discussion, they decided to record an album of Steve’s songs. “Riley...Miles From Nowhere” is the result of that encounter.

Steve Riley has served in Viet-Nam, played semi-pro baseball, earned a BS in Psychology, a Masters Degree in Counseling Psychology and is only a dissertation away from a Ph.D in Clinical Psychology. He is married and has two children. (two songs on the album are written about them ...”Lady of Gold” and “Born on a Holiday”) He has been a High School Counselor in Sacramento for 25 years and a College Professor for 21 years. Through all of this he never stopped doing the one thing that he loves most, which is Songwriting. Therefore, the death of his father resulted in this album becoming reality.

One of Steve’s primary influences was Cat Stevens. Others include Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young, Richie Havens, Eagles and Joe Cocker.

Steve's songs have been nominated for several songwriting contests and compilation CD's. Some of the results include being named Semi-Finalist in the UK Song of the Year contest and Honorable Mentions in both the American Song Contest and the Billboard World Song Contest. His songs have also been included in the Bullseye Records of Canada's "Unsigned, Sealed and Delivered - V2" Compilation CD entitled "A New Breed" In addition, the group has been represented on the recently released "Best New Bands - Volume 2", produced by Apache Rose Publishing, as well as, volume 29 of the "Acoustic Rainbow" radio sampler, which was released to radio stations worldwide in August, 2007. The group has also been reviewed in Global Rhythm Magazine, which has reviewed recording stars and up and coming musicians from 15 different countries. "After Sage", one of the songs from the soon to be released new album, was included in their Compilation CD.


Lets Make It Clear

Written By: Steven Riley

There's a painter on a hill in the sun.
He sees colors with his eyes. Shadows, dark and light. Lets Make it clear, there's a portrait here tonight.
There's a singer in the winter by a fire.
He hears music in his mind. Sounds, hypnotize. Lets Make it clear. There's a songbook here tonight
Breathe the air. Touch your fantasy. Create if you dare.
There's a writer in another state of mind. Words he gathered from thye wise. Prose, satire and rhyme. Let's make it clear, there's a novel here tonight.

Lady Of Gold

Written By: Steven Riley

She waits in the distance with her memories and time. She stands in the corner waiting in line. She'll silently wonder, never hearing the thunder. She's paying her dues. She'll never surrender her dreams or her blues
And when the story has been told.
A standing ovation will go to the Lady of Gold.
She stays in the shadows away from the light. Dreams of her younger days. Plans for another day. Makes everything all right. She'll always be brave. Chase monsters away. You'll never see her pain. She'll always protect you from the rain.
And when the story has been told. A standing ovation will go to the Lady of Gold

Starr Light

Written By: Steven A. Riley

When the heat of the city show no mercy, no pity, gets you down. And the faces that you meet turn away in retreat, all around. When the sun refuse to shine and darkness seize the night. Starr Light will shine.

When the wind and the rain show no mercy, only pain, all the time. When the tempest and the storm leave you tattered and torn, wonder why? When the music and the tune and the lyrics, only blues. Starr Light will shine.

When your searching for a friend, seeking shelter from the wind, she arrives. When your lost, can't be found, she will save you from the crowd, just in time. When the darkness of the night keeps you searching for the light, Starr Light will shine.

Magic Man

Written By: Steven A. Riley

Hey, Magic man. I guess I'm doing fine. Things were different then. I was waiting in line, I was falling behind but hey, hey Magic Man. One more time for a friend. And this will be the end...of the Magic man.

Hey, Magic Man. So here I go again.
Things were different then. I was making a plan, I was taking a stand but hey, hey, Magic Man. Heard it again and again. Here, I will be until then. Fore' the Magic Man.

Hey Magic Man. I've been away for awile. And I know everywhere I go, I know who to call and what number to dial, so hey, hey Magic Man. Here I go again. Today, I will stay till the end of the Magic Man

After Sage

Written By: Steven A. Riley

Have you ever wondered, living life in a daze. Truly important things get lost in the haze. Now my priorities will be altered today.
Cause everything changes...After Sage.

Finally realized, the truth will make you wise. It will be obvious when you look in her eyes. Now I see differently and clear for a change.
Never the same...After sage.

I can see clearly now. I have seen the light. Life will pass you by and open your eyes. Now I see everything and getting wiser with age. Cause everything changed...After Sage

May Not Matter

Written By: Steven Riley

Something in the air is telling me tonight. Be aware of the writing on the wall. Will we see it coming down like a waterfall? Soon...May Not Matter at all.

Will we all come together? The light before the dawn. Can we see clearly through the fog? When we see it coming will we stand up straight and tall? Soon...May Not Matter at all.

I know this feeling takes me under. Cause time has answers for us all. Will we see the thunder through a crystal ball? Soon...May Not Matter at all.

Will we all come together? Fight for right and wrong. Can we be forever strong? Will they believe us when we tell them what we saw? Soon...May Not Matter at all.

All I see around me makes me wonder. So hear the voice inside and heed the call. Will there be a warning sign before we fall? Soon...May Not Matter at all.


Written By: Steven Riley/Wyman Harrell

So you tell me leaving on a southbound train but it looks like, I've been fooled again ...and I know I won't be here tomorrow.

And you tell me that you are flying on a midnight flight but it appears to me, you may be spending the night...and I know I can't be here tomorrow.

Now you tell me yhay you are moving somewhere far away but it looks like, you may be planning to stay...and I know I won't be here tomorrow.

Well I know that it's time to go. Don't know where or when cause it looks like you might be moving in. I know, I won't be here tomowwow.


“Miles From Nowhere” is the band’s first album, however, they are presently recording their second. A four-song promo was released to radio stations for airplay in early May, 2007. The "Riley-Wyman Factor" is scheduled for release around Christmas, 2008. Again, the finished product will contain a variety of genre’s and styles.

The new album/CD consists of 9 songs. It includes 6 new songs, 1 cover song (of course: Cat Stevens) and 2 songs from the first album, re-recorded and remixed, with a little "Factor Flair". The title of this album is appropriately named. Wyman Harrell is, in my opinion, one of the best guitarist playing today. Without the "Wyman", the "Riley" would be still looking for the "right" musician to come along. Wyman Harrell is certainly that individual. He brings his wizardry and musical genius to every song and makes it "shine". This album is very meaningful to singer-songwriter Steve Riley because it contains a song, entitled "After Sage", which was written about his two year old, first and only, granddaughter. After Sage is also included on the "four-song promo."

The band has experienced several successful Radio Air play promotions with their first album "Miles From Nowhere" The band reached number #1 on the indie charts during that time. Hopefully, the new EP (four-song promo) will create that "aire of anticipation" for the release of the full CD.

The band has also received many positive reviews from top professional music reviewers such as Keith “MuzikMan” Hannaleck and Nicky Rossiter from Rambles Cultural Arts Magazine.. They have also appeared in a full page ad for Skope Music Magazine and will appear in the September, October and November issues of Global Rhythm Magazine. Also, songs have been included in the "Best New Bands - 2006" and Best New Bands - Volume 2 - 2007, published and produced by Apache Rose Publishing. Another song from the soon to be released album has been included in the recently released "Acoustic Rainbow" compilation CD.