the Steves

the Steves


Early Kinks meets Guided by Voices and high fives the Clash as it steps onto the Stooges train and heads to Rockville. Up and coming indie rock outfit, the Steves, are an Asheville, NC quartet coming at you with a live show of raw power, pop hooks, and tasty rock and roll.


ASHEVILLE's own the Steves have cemented an early reputation as the 'next big indie thing' with their incendiary live shows and catchy pop hooks. A driving staccato beat layered with intelligent guitar and vocal melody draws comparisons to the early Kinks and Guided by Voices played with a Stooges energy. Hunter's vocals wail on top of the vintage tube warmth of Dave and Wayne's wall of guitars sound, the steady roll of Elzy's beat drives it home.

Originally conceived in the summer of 2005 around the collected songs of Hunter Kalman and David Vandegrift, the current lineup came together in early 2006 when Dave Baker and Elzy Lindsey moved to ASHEVILLE, NC from NEW ORLEANS, LA. The collaboration bore instant chemistry and the Steves booked Hi-Five Recordings to cut a demo, produced by the Steves and Jayro Rockola. The first session laid the groundwork for the full-length eponymous album currently in production. With a tight 45-90 minute set and an active myspace presence, the Steves have hit the ground running, bringing rock to the masses.

THE INFLUENCES: Stooges, BEER, Guided by Voices, Ziggy Stardust, Mick Ronson, Kinks, Mike Watt, Keith Richards, Replacements, CBGB, Pearl Jam, Bullitt, Team Zissou, feet-tapping head-nodding masses


Eponymously titled debut album (June 2007)

Set List

45-90 minute set

Phone Number
Other Side of Midnight
Queen Bitch (David Bowie Cover)
In the Know
Saturday Life
Rough and Tumble (Drug Money Cover)
Green and Brown
You Can Take it With You
Ziggy Stardust (David Bowie Cover)
In the Know
All the Way Down
Search and Destroy (Stooges Cover)
Pop Song