The Stevie G Band

The Stevie G Band


The Stevie G Band is an acoustic funk/country band with colorful lyrics and good vibes.Guaranteed to make you feel good like an ice cold beer does on a warm sunny day.


Our influences range from Bob Marley to Parliament.We try to keep it upbeat and fun with a funky drum beat.Though every now and then you gotta go deep and pull out a sad song...We also try to keep it organic and simple.Not too many sounds to distract the listener from enjoying our vibe.


"Give it Away",would have to be the single but has'nt been released as such. "Mulege" is the name of our latest recording and is available at CDbaby,or digistation.

Set List

We usually play at bars,so the set can last from 2 to 4 hours givin a couple a breaks to have a cocktail or two.We can do a few covers but usually stick to our own stuff...