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Round Rock, Texas, United States

Round Rock, Texas, United States
Band Rock Acoustic




"Stick Em' Up by The Stickies"

REM, The Beatles, and The Smiths might not be with us as bands anymore.However, there’s no doubt that their legacy is still alive. We can hear them in many contemporany and old bands as the years go by. One example are the folks of The Stickies and their latest album, Stick Em Up.

As soon as the album kicks off,we can hear their influences, some of Death Cab For Cutie and Vampire Weekend. “Daydream” even has this part in the song that reminds me of Billy Talent, if they played cheerful music.

“Talk to me” continues with those happy, high pitch, harmonious vocals and acoustic guitar riffs that match perfectly with the song. We also heara synth effect that gives a pretty special touch to the song. The same thing happens in “Burning Hearts.” It’s like a surreal dream to the point that it might give you chills.

“Desert Sorrow” leaves happiness for something more Western, more adventurous. In this track, you feel like the Lone Ranger on a mission. Twilight moreso than darkness can also be felt in “No Angel” and “Failure to the World,” where in the verses and the chorus, once again we can feel this sort of Billy Talent vibe.

“Tonight The Light” has some Vampire Weekend in it. It has some dramatic acoustic guitars that turn into once again cheerful riffs and there’s this part where the band has a System of a Down moment in the way they play the guitar and sing the vocals. But that’s just an illusion like everything in the track;nothing is the way it sounds.

“Alright” and “A Little of the Top” go for something more like Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds. Pretty interesting piano, with some synth effects, simple guitar riffs and the particular vocals are put together to create something close to original. The final track is mute for almost the entire song to later come out with this machine recorded part that does nothing but confuse you.

In conclusion, this record has so many layers, though the Beatles influence is big but it can’t be felt immediately. I have got to be honest and say this is one of those records that leaves me perplexed for a reason I still don’t know and maybe never will. All I can say is that I enjoy it.

Stars (4/5) - Vents Magazine

"One Bands Becoming A Legend At The Austin Marathon" - John

"The Stickies CD Review"

MarsBands Review

If you’re a fan of The Front Bottoms you could easily become a fan of The Stickies. Possessing the same musical power and clever lyrics, The Stickies will catch your attention with their music and make you stick around with their intricately crafted lyrical genius. From your first listen, you’ll be amazed how much emotion and feeling each song is composed and performed with. Nick and Angelo don’t hold back and don’t half-ass anything. And their album isn’t lacking in material, either – 15 tracks and nearly 50 minutes of harmony filled, passionately brilliant music that will satisfy even the pickiest of listeners.

One of the things I liked most about The Stickies’ new album, Stick Em’ Up, was their ability to seemingly change up their sound with every song. A veritable smorgasbord of exceptional skill and elite creativity, The Stickies seamlessly blend elements of Rock, Pop, Acoustic, and at times perhaps even a little hint of Folk into their new album. They refuse to fall into any one genre. And while that may be disconcerting for some people, for me, it’s a sign of true creativity. Having a signature sound is nice, but not knowing what to expect with every song and being pleasantly surprised (and at times even amazed) by the brilliant uniqueness of each song is way better. Who doesn’t like to be surprised?

Another thing I really enjoyed was how harmony-driven the album was. Nick and Angelo are like peanut-butter and jelly. They just go together perfectly. Their voices blend together quite elegantly to create an altogether different level of awesomeness. Personally, I’m a huge fan of harmony and the more harmony a song or album has, the better. And The Stickies’ debut album doesn’t skimp on harmony. If harmony gets you all hot and bothered, you’re going to love this album.

And lastly, the music itself is expertly crafted. This is, for the most part, a rather simple album. There aren’t any drums, nothing over-the-top, no crazy guitar-shredding or mosh-pitting. Yet in the simplicity of this album, the true elegance is revealed. Despite what mainstream radio or American Idol may say, there’s more to a good song than a catchy chorus. Listen to any song on Stick Em’ Up as proof of my claim. These aren’t just songs that a couple guys got drunk and made up one night. These songs have meaning, they have passion, and each and every song has a soul of its own that you get the unique pleasure of viewing, touching, and hearing.

My favorite song on the album was probably Desert Sorrow, but it was followed up closely by Oh Darling Girl (LOVED the guitar solo), It’s Alright, Tomorrow Is Another Day, and Tonight The Light. Give The Stickies a listen and let me know what your favorite songs are! After you’ve listened and been thoroughly amazed, tell your friends! Also, be sure to check out their video above from YouTube for their song Are You Happy.
- Mars Band

"The Stickies Interview With Green Living Radio"

New York Based Radio Show, sponsored by Build A Better Planet

Interview starts at 1:09:00 - Alex Archer

"The Stickies Selected For Austin Marathon"

Once again, The Stickies have been selected to play at the Austin Marathon on February 17, 2013. This will be the band’s third appearance, which is no surprise considering they were voted top marathon band in both 2011 & 2012.

Now, with a new album on the way, Stick Em’ Up, The Stickies are working harder than ever to make each show a show to remember. “Our goal is to make music that plays directly on the heart strings of those who listen,” declares Angelo Bachicha, from The Stickies. “And then rock those heart strings out with a show that is unforgettable.” Charmingly, Nicky Holiday chimes in, “simply put, we play heartstring music.”
Even though the Austin Marathon is still 4 months away, the band has??already begun preparing, including raising money for runners that cannot afford ?to register. “This is our chance to make a difference, to change lives,” quotes Nicky Holiday. “By raising money, we’re giving someone the opportunity to live out there dream, which is what we’ve been fortunate enough to do.” The band has also recently connected with Make A Wish Foundation and is planning on giving 10% of all upcoming sales to make more dreams come true. Similarly, The Stickies are planning several fundraisers in the next year, one for the Austin Marathon runners as well as one for the homeless in need of winter clothes.

Indeed, with already over 20,000 runners signed up, 100 local businesses donating both food and money, and 26 rising bands ready to rock out, the Austin Marathon is shaping up to be a spectacular event. And The best part about The Marathon…it’s FREE! I’ll definitely be there, bright and early, and I encourage everyone reading this to mark it down on your calendar, February 17th, and come out to support local music, local business, and runners from every part of the world! - Susan Max


Still working on that hot first release.



*Official Selection for SXSW, 2013
*Official Selection for Austin Marathon, 2013
*Music Featured in Award Nominated Short Film, In a Relationship With Kenny Ryan.
*Played only Eye of the Tiger for 2 hours straight!
*1,000 paid downloads of single "Are You Happy!"
*Played over 200 shows

Radio Play:
*90.5 KUT Austin
*91.7 KVRX Austin
*KFKX Radio, Hastings College
*Troys Room: LA Talk Radio
*"Happy Hour" Radio
*Numerous Online music Streams including Jango Radio, Jukeboxalive, and Last.Fm
*The Green Living Show
*3rd Strike Radio

*Vents Magazine
*Artist PR

The Stickies are Nick and Angelo Bachicha, a two-piece Indie Rock band from Round Rock, Texas. Although some fans describe The Stickies as acoustic rock, Rise Up Music wrote that they are like Oasis having a kid with Panic At The Disco, who only plays cover songs of Ben Kwelleron crack!

The two brothers initiated cohesion as children, fighting crime as Batman and Robin. As they grew, saving the world with selflessness and secrecy transformed into playing music in search of fortune and fame.

Playing their way through notable clubs and festivals, like Antones, Stubbs, The Austin Marathon, and SXSW, The Stickies now have their passion set on a brand new album, entitled Stick Em Up, which is scheduled for release on February 23rd, 2013. A portion of all album proceeds will go to the Make-A-Wish Foundation in hopes that one dollar may change the world.

Angelo (electric guitar/vox) has relentlessly honed in his musical craft with countless hours of practice. Like a monk of music, Angelo dedicated every moment to the mastery of various instruments. Among those in his arsenal are: the drums, guitar, vocals, the African marimba, and even the Soviet glockenspiel.

Conversely, in an attempt to make up for wasted potential, Nick (acoustic guitar/vox) journeyed down to the crossroads and made a deal. Although we know that "the ability to write catchy tunes" was involved, the exact details of this deal remain a mystery.

At times intricate, at most times raw, this harmony driven duo packs a unique punch that is sure to give new meaning to their base town, Round Rock.

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