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This band has not uploaded any videos




Last night i had the pleasure of checkin out a friend of mines band at the Curb Cafe at Belmont University here in Nashville. They call themselves "Stick No Bills" and are a relatively new group. Despite the fact they haven't been together very long (Fall 2008), I was thoroughly entertained. They have a unique sound mixed with 80's pop, rock, funk, and even some soul. Their sound reminded me of Maroon 5 and Chromeo (ironically they performed a Chromeo cover lol)

My friend Ross Bridgeman was the main vocalist and keyboardist. He kept the crowd entertained with his classic keytar synth solos and solid vocals. The guitarist and additional vocalist was Justin Davis, who had the CRAZIEST guitar riffs and solos to complement Ross. Matt McKinney on bass and Hunter Bridges on drums definitely held their own as well

The show tag line was "Bringin Back the 80's" and it was definitely appropriate, from the music and lyrics, even to the classic 80's look that the band had hahaha. Headbands, torn sleeve sweat shirts, tight jeans, etc... it was crazy lol.

The songs were catchy lyrically and melodically, but this didn't overshadow the groups extensive knowledge of musical theory, which was apparent through their complicated chord progressions often at the bridge or breakdown section of the songs. This perfect mix between catchiness and musicality is what sets them apart from other similar groups today.

Overall, I enjoyed myself, and can't wait to see how the group progresses as they continue to play together. -


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The Stick No Bills have one of the most exciting shows in the Nashville music scene, driven by fantastic keytar solos, tight beats and well-crafted songs that never fail to get the crowd dancing. The Stick No Bills's influences range from the 80’s onward, inspired by bands like The Police, Steely Dan, Chromeo and Maroon5. Performing since fall of ’08 all over the Nashville scene, The Bills have already become a sought-after band for college shows, parties and good times.

Check out videos of their live show at

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