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"the STiG - this lovely filth EP review"

As happens fairly often in Windsor, a band will be officially releasing their newest piece of work via a CD release party this Friday, April 27th. This time the band is The STiG, and this is their first official release ever, an EP entitled This Lovely Filth, which was recorded with Mark Plancke at Shark Tank Studios in March 2011.

The band takes it’s name from the British TV series Top Gear, where a masked car driver known only as The Stig tests out cars. Their style of music, though, is not the sort to make you want to drive recklessly. The entire EP is on the slower side of things, with clean, well defined recordings and lyrics that are interesting to pay attention to. The entire thing has a distinct Blue Rodeo feel, in fact.

The theme of the album is rather dark, according to frontman Jeff Stiles, commenting on how we have replaced the word need with the word want, how we are fighting wars for nothing more than the chance to go shopping. Hence the name This Lovely Filth.

The first track, Who Are You? Features Jeff’s lethargic, laid back vocals over some groovy instrumentals. The main guitar riff is almost danceable, if taken out of context of the rest of the song, and the drums are rich, a full, close sound that provide a steady beat along with some growling bass.

Block It Out has more of a country feel to it, with Jeff’s slightly nasally vocals complimenting well a guitar tone that isn’t quite not twangy. Great mixing, the chorus really coming together with a twinkling guitar riff coming in, and rolling drum fills tying it all together. The bridge sounds almost like a march woth Jeff’s spoken word piece over top, before moving seamlessly back into the main riff of the song.

The third song is a particularily slow one, the head-bobbingly groovetacular No G. This one makes me imagine a high school dance, everyone swaying side to side, hands on hips and around necks as the disco ball spins…. Coming into the solo, it really wakes you up, with a big, creamy tone that stands out completely from the rest of this track.

Following the theme of dark ideas and “what has our society come to?!” we’ve got a song about internet porn. Fitting. Ask Jolene is about addressing the girl on the computer screen, thinking past the fact that she’s naked.

Closing out the album, Scarecrow puts another picture in my head. Listening to just the clean guitar guitar, I’m see the end of a 90’s romantic comedy, a slow-mo montage of the hero running to catch whoever he’s after. Pretty specific, but give it a listen and you’ll get it. Actually, bringing up the 90’s, that’s a vibe that runs through most of the disc. But in a subtle enough way as to not seem like an homage, luckily.

- the windsor zene -wordpress

"the STiG and tony coates at FM lounge 4/27/12"

TheStiG is a three-piece rock band with some very definite 90’s and country influences. The EP was recorded with Mark Plancke at Shark Tank Studios and is an independent release.

For their performance, the band really dressed up the FM stage, adding a backdrop of stars, as well as some hanging from overhead, a table lamp, some fancy light work, and a screen that displayed a slideshow throughout their set, showing pictures of the band, some artwork, and a running commentary that went all over the place.



this lovely filth EP - 2011



the story of the STiG
jeff stiles began writing songs in 1984 after hearing morrisey speak to him personally through the smiths' song 'how soon is now?'. he played guitar in many local bands but it wasn’t until the mid 90’s that he began writing stuff that wasn’t absolutely wretched. the songs are solid now but stiles has yet to write anything even remotely happy.
jay zeman is the original jay z. long before hip hop and its wannabe squatterz, jay z was a staple in the scene tending bar at its very axis and laying down tastily wicked grooves in such bands as 'she's not moving' and ''the smoking poles' before joining the ranks of the STiG in 2009. jay is a stand-up guy to which any one of his 12000 facebook friends will surely attest.
the StiG began their journey with the wreckless, animalistic poundings of one cory (chokechain) low. cory was an absolute wild man. said to be in a constant state of FILL and CYMBAL CRASH. but, ah! don’t worry – he’s not dead! he didn’t implode! he wasn’t crushed by a falling piece of stage prop! they just moved on and went their separate ways, silly. here’s to you, chokechain. thanks for the memories!
the StiG almost became a never-was after the drummer role was vacated. they languished (well maybe stagnated is a better word) for months until crossing paths with someone from their murky past – brad blackton: a local scene veteran and as steady as in-the-pocket guys come. brad joined the STiG army in january 2012 and they are just giddy about this. giggly like little school girls, they are.
the StiG are about to embark on this new chapter the way most bands do: with some recording, some gigging, and yes, some rehab is likely.
things are brewing up nicely in the STiG HQ lots of new ideas and whatnot are abound.
hope to see you all soon in the YEAR of the StiG and remember: VOLUME is a TONE!