the Stillhouse Jammers

the Stillhouse Jammers


The Stillhouse Jammers ~Bob, Rich, Tom, Al, & Ben. Over 100 yrs of experience playing their style of "rural & retro bluegrass". If you hunger for the authentic high lonesome sound of bluegrass music, smokin' fiddle & banjo tunes, seek these guys out & give them a listen.


the STILLHOUSE JAMMERS are five-piece ensemble of accomplished musicians from Central New England. Their show consists of a wide variety of music to entertain you that we affectionately refer to as "rural & retro bluegrass"! You will hear traditional fiddle/banjo numbers, hard-driving bluegrass, tender ballads, as well as many original tunes while each member takes their turn at the mic for lead & harmony vocals. The Stillhouse Jammers are very proud to have placed 2nd in the band competition at the 2006 Thomas Point Beach Bluegrass Festival up against some of the very best talent in the Northeast & Canada! AND to have played at the Jerusalem Ridge Bluegrass Festival ~ the old homeplace of Bill Monroe~in Rosine, KY!! Available for all your music needs...weddings, company outings, private parties, concerts, festivals, hoedowns, honky tonks and bluegrass parades. You're sure to have a memorable fun time.
RICH HAMILTON has been fiddling and singing with a number of bands since 1979, most recently with Gopher Broke. He's also appeared with Karl Shiflett & Big Country Show from TX, Big Country Bluegrass of Va and others. A multi-instrumentalist and songwriter, he also spends alot of time on the clawhammer banjo and guitar.
BOB DEAN, though he learned guitar as a teenager, has been playing bluegrass almost 20 years now. He's appeared with Gopher Broke from VT & other local bluegrass bands in the southern NH area before forming the Stillhouse Jammers with Rich. A soulful singer of ballads and drivin' grass standards, he also contributes original tunes to the bands playlist.
ALAN STAPLEFORD, a self-taught banjo picker, has been playing 40 years and we love the energy he brings to the band. He has performed with many New England bands such as Herb Applin & Berkshire Mtn. Boys, Pine Hill Rambers, Lost River Ramblers and Monadnock. Al has many original banjo numbers which set the grass afire.
TOM FITZGERALD, has been involved with bluegrass for sometime now; he has played guitar & sang with several bands such as Wachusett Mountain Boys, Groundspeed, & Soginese Creek. He also plays bass fiddle and guitar with Crop Circles band of NH Lakes region. Tom works in downtown Boston & tries to spend most of his spare time pickin with other musicians. His solid sense of timing is a welcome addition to the Jammers.
BEN WEISS, hard to believe Ben's been playing mandolin for only four years now. He grew up in suburban Boston, far from any freight trains and lonesome whistles, and there weren't any girls named Liza Jane or Sally Ann at his high school. However, sometime after college Ben started listening to alot Bill Monroe and Frank Wakefield. He really loves that old-time style, says that it's gets his adrenaline going! Ben majored in journalism at Hampshire College and is currently employed at a social work agency. This is Ben's first band and he says he is honored to be starting off playing music with such accomplished & soulful players and songwriters! .... and we are quite happy to have him with the Jammers!


Safe in the Fold

Written By: Rich Hamilton

Safe in the Fold
Rich Hamilton
Fiddle Mill Music BMI

there once was a shepherd with his flock in the field
and he kept them protected like a great hidden shield
one day the flock scattered a little lamb slipped away
and by the time it was noticed it was the end of the day

the shepherd grew worried as the daylight grew dim
he knew the fate of the lost one was all up to him
you could hear wolves a howlin as if they knew
if he couldnt save him his life would be threw

stay close to the shepherd and dont go astray
take head of the lessons he sends you each day
stay close to the master while youre growin old
and just like the lost one youll be safe in the fold

he climbed up the hillside left the whole flock behind
there was safety in numbers he knew theyd all be fine
but the fate of the lost one was not quite so sure
and there wasnt much time left before the day was over


The lost little lamb that had run from the flock
was shakin and tremblin behind a big rock
with tears of elation the shepherd reached down
and picked up the lost little lamb he had found


Moonshine Land

Written By: Rich Hamilton

dont you come walkin cross my moonshine land
got a loaded rifle lying near at hand
my mama taught me it was wrong to kill
but if you come walkin you better know I will
dont come walkin cross my moonshine land

dont have much and I never have
but livin hand to mouth it aint half bad
got some hungry kids and a hungry wife
who know too well about a shiners life
dont come walkin cross my moonshine land

cuz I wont fire no warnin shot
when it comes to keepin what I got
Ive scraped a livin from this mountain side
so take my warnin youll be the one who died
for walkin cross my moonshine land

well someone did that dreadful day
didnt live long enough to say
long enough to say what he had found
laid him cold down in the ground
for walkin cross my moonshine land

dont you come awalkin cross my moonshine land
got a loaded rifle lyin near at hand
my mama taught me it was wrong to kill
but if you come walkin you better know i will
dont come walkin cross my moonshine land


the Stillhouse Jammers recently had the opportunity to film a TV show at the Leominster (MA) Access Television & it turned out to be quite a nice production! The very professional folks at LATV, have provided us with an entertaining 50~minute DVD that we will have available for sale at upcoming shows. The Jammers had a great time recording this show & hope you will enjoy it as well.