The Stitch

The Stitch


The Stitch: A fresh, innovative rock and roll band that brews up a fresh new mix every night and a jam band that always finds a way home. The Stitch live is a chance to reinterpret and reinvent their compositions. "Hello Welcome" serves as an invitation to catch The Stitch's incredible live energy.


The band came together in the basement of an Elmira College dorm. Nick Molak, guitar and vocals. Dan Weaver, bass. Brendan Tompkins, drums. Their influences collided and bent and then blended together: Hendrix, The Band, DMB, Dylan, Phish, Govt. Mule, all served up in a chilled glass of cool.

The songs never remain the same. The Stitch live is another chance to reinterpret and reinvent the compositions, inserting a new lick, a new riff, a new bass line, and then letting the rest of the band follow along. Trading guitar and drum solos like bursts of machine gun fire with the bass driving the train down the track. Finding a way to take the jam into another new dimension, dropping songs seamlessly together then circling back.

The Stitch. Fresh, innovative rock and roll: a garage band that brews up a fresh new mix every night and a jam band that always finds a way home.

The new CD, “Hello Welcome,” was recorded in a small NYC studio in just three days. The intensity of the recording session helped capture the spirit of The Stitch live. The songs on the CD are a snapshot, captured at a point in time with an incredible energy that serves as an invitation to catch The Stitch live. When a band loves what they do, the crowd feeds on it, thrives on it, grooves on it. That’s The Stitch.


2008: "Hello Welcome" Official debut, features 9 original songs

2007: "5 Months Underground" Demo recorded last year featuring various original and cover songs

Set List


Ferris Wheel
Spin Me Around
What Turns You Blue?
Still Need You
Dream Street
Till the New Light
King Fink
Funked Up
What's Wrong with being Right
Song for Ann

Cover Songs:

Jimi Hendrix (Are You Experienced, Little Wing)
The Band (The Weight, Up On Cripple Creek)
Phish (Bug)
Tom Petty (Mary Jane's Last Dance)
Neil Young (Cortez The Killer)
The Beatles (Come Together)
Bob Dylan (Like A Rolling Stone)

That is just a sample of what is included in the set, but it gives a good idea of what is in a typical show.

The Stitch are comfortable playing anywhere from 30 mins. to 3 hours