The Stoned

The Stoned


In 2006, The Stoned exploded straight out of 1972 and into 1973. 70's power rock forged in the fiery cauldrons of Detroit and New York and tempered on the anvils of British steel, The Stoned continue the musical tradition of The Stooges, MC5, Humble Pie, New York Dolls and the almighty Ramones.


In 2006, The Stoned exploded straight out of 1972 and into 1973.

The Stoned are here for nothing less than to reclaim true rock music from the poseurs, the imposters and the imposers and restore it to its rightful place at the very pinnacle of sweet sound itself. Flaccid riffs will not be allowed. Tepid solos will never be tolerated. Caustic chorus’ will henceforth be sneered at. Only the finest, the heaviest, the most soul shaking Rock music will The Stoned unleash upon the world. For The Stoned doth rock, verily it is true, and what The Stoned hath rocked let no one cast asunder. Or to put it more simply, once you have been rocked by The Stoned, you stay rocked.

The Stoned was melded together by Kory Clarke of Warrior Soul. Kory serves as drummer and producer. Scotty T. Dimebagger is the lead singer extraordinaire and chief troublemaker. On guitar is Adam Dubin, director of some of the most massive music videos of all time including Beastie Boys "Fight For Your Right To Party" and Metallica "Nothing Else Matters." And holding down the basic bass, the lowest lows is the Latin lover Sebastian.

Some bands measure their music in decibels. Mere decibels are inadequate for The Stoned. The Stoned measure their metal might on the Richter Scale. For when The Lords of Rock created The Stoned they looked down upon it and, lo, they judged it good. WE ARE THE STONED. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED….


Self-produced four song EP "The Stoned"

Set List

The Stoned play the EP and a few new songs and a cover or two of the bands we love. A typical set is 30 minutes. We always rock our audience.