The Stone Fox

The Stone Fox

 South Brisbane, Queensland, AUS

The Stone Fox is the bastard child of the velvet underground, metallica and motley crue. All perfectly combined to bring you a high tempo, stoner rock carnage.


The Stone Fox was formed by former Bonesaw Frontman now turned BASS player Brad and Nic formerly of the Red Flag. Brad and Nic had been working together to find the right blend of wierdos to complete the line-up. After about a year of guitar try outs the boys recruited Billy who played in the Red Flag with Nic. Song writting started a little slow, there was something missing. So after many months of persuasion Ben finally jumped on board with his southern flavour and the band was complete. Songs became to flow with all members being highly creative and experimental the musical limits will be pushed.

Discography has a few tracks on the site. These songs were recorded using a video camera so the quality is not the greatest but you can get the idea. Recording for the FIRST demo is in May. We can't wait.