The Stone Pines

The Stone Pines


We're a rock-blues band from Vancouver BC, formed by three friends with a longstanding history of playing music together. The band was formed in early 2010 and has been working steadily since then, with a 5 track EP to be released in June and a 2 week Western Canada Tour planned for July.


The Stone Pines are a five person band based out of Vancouver B.C. Their goal is to offer a new brand of soulful classic rock and blues with a wide range of sound and energy. Josh Larsson ( lead singer), Ryan Krumins (lead guitar), and Corey Fenton (rhythm guitar) have a longstanding history playing music together, and were excited to reform the band after a long hiatus from their previous reggae-rock band, Thornbird. Jordan Strub (drums) and Clark Buchanan (bass) were found through a craigslist posting, and add a much needed, rock-solid backbone to The Stone Pines.

The band has been extremely busy building new songs and are currently working on an E.P. to be released In July 2010, followed by a 2 week Western Canadian tour.


The Stone Pines EP (to be released June/July 2010)

Set List

Typical set runs about 45 minutes, but can be tailored based on the specific performance.