The Stoney Hill Reflection

The Stoney Hill Reflection


The Stoney Hill Reflection encompasses a broad range of jam/rock. Original songs span from classic bouncy bluegrass to the dirtiest funk, from reggae beats to crafty classic rock, and somewhere in between lies an unrestrained beast that makes itself heard.


Drawing influences from the confluence of artists in both the past and present jam band scences, The Stoney Hill Reflection has melded a new brew of good time music for all attentive ears to enjoy. This synthesis has spawned a unique style forged from both well syncronized grooves and glistening solos. The tamber created by this meld has permiated deep and is evident throught the bands diverse line up of original tunes.

In the fall of 2006, while studying at the University of Minnesota, Ricky and Brett began collaborating material and frequently played together at parties and impromtu jam sessions. By the end of the semester Carl and Tom came their way and an agreement was reached to begin practicing as a band with the onset of second semester.

After returning from winter break the band developed a serious practice regiment, and added 7 original songs to their repetoire. In early Feburary they were approached by Ryan, a recording engineering student at IPR Recording Institiute, and were invited to come in and lay down some tracks. On Feb 18 they did just that, check out the samples in the audio section. The Band is looking to expand its fan base, and start playing some sizable venues.



Written By: Ricky Martin

I really can't define the words that make up all my stories.
One sentence rocks it like the other ones.

-and you know it's nice when I see you--

To say these words I wrote, and all the little things.
You've got to know that it's all of the truth.

-and you know its nice when I see you--

Its in access, that I gain all my wisdom.
Just plain access, that gives me all my glory.
And it's access, through which I enter all my dreams.
Just plain access, that gives me what I need.

-and you know it's nice when I see you--


Written By: Ricky Martin

Sometimes, when I'm ridin' high I'm feelin' dry.
And other times, I'm ridin' dry and feelin' fine.
Silver mines and purple dimes, they're all the same.
And who's to blame, when it's all gone here comes the fame.
-Here comes the Fame-

Sometimes, when comets spark I can feel my heart.
And other times, I can feel my heart when ja' bass start.
Music rhymes give me all the time, and they'll start up here.
And when all this time goes passin' by here comes the fame.

With all the time I've grown
And with all that time has shown
With all this time escape
I can wait for my fame

-Here comes the fame-