The Storm Petrels

The Storm Petrels


Creedence Clearwater Revival meets Neil Young and Brian Wilson


Over the last five years The Storm Petrels have cemented their reputation as one of the best unsigned bands in the country.

In an era of studio tricks and bands afraid to work up a sweat in fear of ruining their hair The Storm Petrels are made of different stuff.

Formed in the late nineties the band have paid their dues in an endless succession of impassioned gigs across the UK.
From Aberdeen's Lemon Tree to London's Borderline either as headliners or support to everyone from Feeder to David Mead, from sweat drenched clubs to huge outdoor audiences of 40,000 plus at Glasgow's Gig on the Green and Aberdeen's Free at the Dee.
The band are armed to the teeth with hot songs which they ritually hammer out with the energy and clean honest spirit that rock and roll was originally born with.

Influences range from Creedence Clearwater Revival to Brian Wilson covering most points in between, but their open earthy sound is uniquely their own.

The Storm Petrels have previously released four EP's all of which gained extensive national airplay no mean feat for an unsigned band. (Especially one from the smallest city in Scotland.)
In 2005 after a chance hearing they came to the attention of Grammy award winning Producer John Wooler, who promptly flew them to LA to record their first album. Joining them on the sessions were legendary Neil Young Producer/Engineer Nico Bolas and special guests Dave Immergluck (Counting Crows) - pedal steel, Lenny Castro (Rolling Stones) - percussion, and Teddy ZigZag (Guns n' Roses) - harmonica.
The Storm Petrels debut album "Lucky" is due for release 2007.