The Straight and Narrow

The Straight and Narrow


The Straight and Narrow are an indie rock band with loud, high impact, catchy tunes that can appeal to both young crowds wanting to rock out and old audiences re-living their earlier AC/DC days. S&N have just finished recording their second EP with aims to record an Album in 2011.


Straight and Narrow formed in Late 2007, founded by current member Adam Geoldner (Vocals, Guitar), the band started out with a Alternative Rock genre influenced by such bands as "The Smashing Pumpkins", "AC/DC", "Metallica", "Grinspoon", etc. The addition of Dan Nipperess (Keyboard) in early 2008 added another elements to the bands Early Gothic/Grunge sound.

Straight and Narrow played its first show on 28 June 2008. The band has recorded and released their first EP titled ‘The Same Smooth Taste’ which is ultimately a more refined version of these early tracks.

The addition of two new members, Luke Naughtin (Bass) late 2008 and Cameron Walsh (Drums) Early 2009, ultimately changed the strategic direction of the band.

The band has completed its second EP "Colour of White" in which the sound of S&N expanded new boundaries. As Adam explains "The new tracks will be more radio friendly... Shorter, Faster, and more meaningful, Cam and Luke bring totally new dimensions to the band and I cant wait to play them for you all, they are totally different."



Written By: The Straight and Narrow

Can't stop the faces rushing so fast
Heart beats, its gonna be a blood bath
But in the end i can't relate
The music suck me in with its trance
Don't think that i wanna live fast
But this life is stealling me away

Coz i'm here for ever and after
Until you bring me back down
Yeah i'm here for ever and after

Sweaty palms i taste the smell of your skin
Not long now i'm gonna be in
You got me hooked on this
Sweety no, i just wanna go home
Won't be long until we're unknown
Take it away from me

And i know that i'll be closer
Until i bring you back down
And i know that i'll be closer


Written By: The Straight and Narrow

I can sense a new beginning
I can feel the sun
Why does everyone stop believe
When your nearly done
Coz you stuck inside your head again
And your the reason why
I'll never run away again you
only get one chance at life

There is always something sad in me
You say but i know you do not believe it
Don't make the same mistakes again
Give it up now everything is zen
We're not going to fall or break the mould
But give it up now every thing is zen

Now i'm trapped inside this cell again
And your the reason why
All your rat poison and shattered glass won't bring me back to life this time

Everything is Zen!


EP - "Same Smooth Taste" 2009.

EP - "Colour of White" 2010.

Tracks from both albums are regularly played on internet raido 'Airplay for Unsigned' and on 4ZZZ Brisbane Radio.

Set List

We can typically play for an hour set, and play each of the songs from our EPs, but also have many more unrecorded songs such as Angel, Falling from Grace, The Hurricane and Red Shiver.