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Jason Demain:
Jason Demain - All Of The Above (2004)
Camaro Hair - Far From Ok (2004)
M-set - I Lie To Girls (2003)
Superjaded - Self Titled (2003)
International Pop Overthrow - Self Titled (2003)
Jason Demain - Self Titled(2003)
Honey Ryder - Self Titled (2002)
Satellite Heroes - .com (2001)

Craig Montoya:
Tri Polar - Self Titled (2005)
"World of Noise" (Tim/Kerr / Capitol)
"Sparkle and Fade" (Capitol)
"So Much for the Afterglow" (Capitol)
"Learning How to Smile" (Capitol)
"Good Time for a Bad Attitude" (Capitol)
"Slow Motion Daydream" (Capitol)
"Ten Years Gone: The Best of Everclear" (Capitol)
Singles / EP's / Promos
"Nervous & Weird" EP (Tim/Kerr)
"Nervous & Weird" 7-Inch (Tim/Kerr)
"Fire Maple Song" EP (Tim/Kerr)
"Fire Maple Song" 3-Track Promo CD (Capitol)
"Fire Maple Song" UK Maxi-Single (Fire Records)
"Live on the Radio" (Capitol)
"Heroin Girl" 1-Track Promo CD (Capitol)
"Heroin Girl" UK Maxi-single (Fire Records)
"Heroin Girl" UK 7-Inch (Fire Records)
"Santa Monica" 1-Track Promo CD (Capitol)
"Santa Monica" AUS Maxi-single (Capitol)
"Santa Monica" HOL Maxi-single (Capitol)
"Heartspark Dollarsign" 1-Track Promo CD (Capitol)
"Heartspark Dollarsign" Promo 7-Inch (Capitol)
"Heartspark Dollarsign" US Maxi-single (Capitol)
"Heartspark Dollarsign" AUS Maxi-single (Capitol)
"Heartspark Dollarsign" HOL Maxi-single (Capitol)
"Heartspark Dollarsign" UK 7-Inch (Capitol)
"Heartspark Dollarsign" 1 of 2 UK Maxi-single (Capitol)
"Heartspark Dollarsign" 2 of 2 UK Maxi-single (Capitol)
"Santa Monica" UK 7-inch (Capitol)
"Santa Monica" 1 of 2 UK Maxi-single (Capitol)
"Santa Monica" 2 of 2 UK Maxi-single (Capitol)
"Santa Monica" HOL Maxi-single (Capitol)
"Summerland Tour Pack" AUS (EMI Aus)
"Live Acoustic" EUR EP (Capitol)
"In-Store Play Sampler" Promo (Capitol)
"You Make Me Feel Like a Whore" 1-Track Promo (Capitol)
"You Make Me Feel Like a Whore" AUS Maxi-single (Capitol)
"White Trash Hell" UK EP (Fire Records)
"Interview" Promo (Capitol)
"For College Radio Only" Promo (Capitol)
"Everything to Everyone" 1-Track Promo CD (Capitol)
"Everything to Everyone" 2-Track Promo CD (Capitol)
"Everything to Everyone" AUS Maxi-Single (Capitol)
"I Will Buy You a New Life" 2-Track Promo CD (Capitol)
"So Much for the Afterglow" AUS Maxi-Single (Capitol)
"Everything to Everyone" UK 7-Inch (Capitol)
"Everything to Everyone" 1 of 2 UK Maxi-Single (Capitol)
"Everything to Everyone" 2 of 2 UK Maxi-Single (Capitol)
"Live from Toronto" JAP EP (Capitol)
"I Will Buy You a New Life" AUS Maxi-Single (Capitol)
"Father of Mine" 2-Track Promo CD (Capitol)
"Father of Mine" 3-Track Promo CD (Capitol)
"Father of Mine" AUS Maxi-Single (Capitol)
"One Hit Wonder" 1-Track Promo CD (Capitol)
"Boys Are Back in Town" 1-Track Promo CD (Mercury)
"Wonderful" 2-Track Promo CD (Capitol)
"A Smile Makes a Lousy Umbrella" Promo EP (Capitol)
"Acoustic Live" Promo EP (Capitol)
"Live Electric" Promo EP (Capitol)
"Adam Carolla Interview Disc" Promo CD (Capitol)
"Exclusive Bonus Disc" Promo CD (Capitol)
"Wonderful" 7-Inch (Capitol)
"Wonderful" AUS Maxi-Single (Capitol)
"AM Radio" Promo CD (Capitol)
"Wonderful" US Maxi-Single (Capitol)
"Wonderful" UK 1-Track Promo (Capitol)
"Wonderful" UK Maxi-Single (Capitol)
"When It All Goes Wrong Again" Promo CD (Capitol)
"AM Radio" AUS Maxi-Single (Capitol)
"Out of My Depth" 3-Track Promo CD (Capitol)
"AM Radio" UK Maxi-Single (Parlophone)
"Brown Eyed Girl" 2-Track Promo CD (Capitol)
"Rock Star" 1-Track Promo CD (Priority)
"Rock Star" 1-Track UK Promo CD (Virgin)
"Volvo Driving Soccer Mom" 2-Track Promo CD (Capitol)
"Volvo Driving Soccer Mom" AUS Maxi-Single (EMI Aus)
"Volvo Driving Soccer Mom" CAN Maxi-Single (Capitol Canada)
"Volvo Driving Soccer Mom" EUR Maxi-Single (EMI Europe)
"Bonus Live" EP (EMI Aus)
"The New York Times" 2-Track Promo CD (Capitol)
Compilations & Soundtracks
"A Benefit For: Sisters of the Road Cafe"
"You Got Lucky: A Tribute to Tom Petty" (WEA/Scotti Bros.)
"KROQ New Music Sampler" (KROQ)
"Action Figures Sold Separately" Promo (Capitol)
"So Good It Hurts" Promo (Capitol)
"Hollywood and Vine" Promo (Capitol)
"CMJ Music Monthly" June 1995 (CMJ)
"Notes From the Underground, Vol. 1" (TAZ)
"I-5 Killers, Vol. 3" (Schizophonic Records)
"Triple Scoop 3" (EMI Canada)
"Mmmmm" - Q Magazine Issue 118 (UK)
"A Flavour of the Label 6" (Parlophone)
"MOM - Music for Our Mother Ocean" (Surfdog Records)
"Hottest 100 Volume 3" (EMI Australia)
"Doc Martens 1996" Promo (Capitol)
"Alternator" (UK)
"Jabberjaw... Pure Sweet Hell #6" (Mammoth)
"Romeo and Juliet" Soundtrack (Capitol)
"Subject to Change" (Capitol)
"Kevin and Bean: Christmastime in the LBC" Tape (KROQ)
"Hottest 100 Volume 4" (EMI Australia)
"V By Demand" (Sony Australia)
"CMJ Music Monthly" October 1997 (CMJ)
"The One and Only Rock Album" (Polygram Australia)
"Scream 2" Soundtrack (Capitol)
"Inhaled" (Polygram Australia)
"Kevin and B


Feeling a bit camera shy


Modest beginnings often leave way for the biggest successes, and with the way things are going, Portland, Oregon rock band The Strain had better strap themselves in because it looks as though these small city bad boys are in for an explosive ride. Since the release of their debut recording, The Strain has been doing a slow burn across the western United States with the singles “Don’t Know Me” and “Comedy Of Errors”. Since the beginning, there has been a serious buzz building in major pockets like Vancouver B.C.; San Diego, California; Portland, Oregon; and Seattle, Washington. The Strain’s debut album, recorded in two parts at London Bridge Studios in Seattle, Washington and produced by John Plum (Pearl Jam, Alice in Chains); and at Craig Montoya’s home studio in Portland, Oregon; has become a sleeper success since the west coasts most notable rock station got on The Strain band wagon, spinning the songs several times a day, fervently working the band into the subconscious of rock fans throughout the northwest. Featuring a kaleidoscope of talent: from Jason Demain’s incredibly unique voice, guitar, and songwriting (Camaro Hair/ International Pop Overthrow); Craig Montoya’s driving yet ubiquitous bass playing (Everclear/ Tri-Polar); Kevin Hahn’s guitar ferocity (The Red Sector/ Tri-Polar), and Ryan Moore’s untamed yet sickly “in the pocket” drumming (All The Dead Horses). The phenomenon of The Strain’s quickly rising stature is no doubt due in part to the solid foundation on which his band is built. "We respect one another as musicians, songwriters, but more as brothers…" explains Jason. "We found each other at the bottom of a beer bottle but at the top of our game almost every turn before we came together. We all found the vibe between us was perfect, even though we all come from such different sides of the spectrum." "We think first and foremost our passion is to focus our energy on creating intensely catchy songs that come across live with the same impact as a runaway freight train… we believe that really sets us apart." However, it's not so much the bands’ inclination to work through the creative process as the resulting songs that put them above and beyond the cream of the crop. The driving rhythms and strong melodies mined and exploited by The Strain are not only seductive; they have staying power. The album was recently released with the single "Exposed"… a seductive, compelling, catchy pop rock gem that pulls the listener in. The result is a finely crafted album packed with a carnival of multi-layered tunes, which has been described as "intellectually and emotionally driven aggressive pop with an infectious melody fit for radio." The entire album runs the gamut, exploring themes from swooning songs like “Julie” to the cathartic mix of pop and darkness with "Pretty Things." But in the end, The Strain is just grateful that they are able to share music with others. "We do everything sincerely, " says Jason. "For us it's not about monetary success, it’s about personal accomplishment. We’re just living the dream right now."