The Straits

The Straits


"Art-rock-damaged melodic guitar pop" - NOW Magazine, Toronto


The story of The Straits is about music, ruthless personal ambition, insatiable sexual appetite, corned-beef hash, skip tracing, and how a small coterie of venal musicians made a decision in a smoke-filled basement in December of 2003, whose ramifications could potentially threaten the entirety of popular music.

The Straits are a four piece rock band born in London, Ontario with a healthy combined body weight of approximately 625 lbs. Equal parts soul, art rock, garage and beat rock with a twang, The Straits’ white hot textual overkill redresses any oxymoronic classification. Their musical oeuvre covers the entire spectrum of aural experience, from robust space jams to jarring climaxes full of vitality.

Thom Drew, Jeremy Meyer, Tyler Tierney and Ken Traynor have been playing together as The Straits, winning over audiences with their mythopoeic musical prose, since December 2003. They have recently ruminated a six song, self-titled EP that is now available for audiophiles and otherwise. Despite clinical satyriasis, the reluctant superstars play for the raw, adrenaline soaked thrill of their writhing bodies covered in roasted potato smelling sweat during any given performance. This is the type of effort that earns The Straits enthusiastic live reviews and a reputation of ambitious integrity among peers and fans.

After-show food of choice for The Straits is corned-beef hash.

- Conrad Krieg, Team Albino

Notable performances:
October 2005 - Western Mustangs Football Halftime Show - London, ON
September 2005 - Indie Week - Toronto, ON
June 2005 - North By Northeast Music Festival - Toronto, ON
May 2005 - CHRW 94.9FM's "3 Nights of Indie Rock!" - London, ON
April 2005 - International Pop Overthrow Festival - Chicago, IL
April 2005 - Live radio session on WHPK 88.5FM at the University of Chicago, IL
March 2005 - London Music Festival - London, ON


The Straits (2004)

Written and performed by The Straits.
Recorded and mixed by Andy Magoffin at the House of Miracles, London.

Set List

All original material.