The Strange

The Strange


Propper Rock N Roll!!!


I’d like to start with an actual quote from a fan.
”The Strange is that band that plays proper Rock ‘n” Roll.”
I mean what more is there I can say? To fully appreciate the gravity of that statement, you simply have to both see and hear The Strange! That’s your mission.
Mine is to go ahead and tell you a little bit about them.
Nearly two years ago now, a young quartet of hungry rockers appeared on the St. Catharines music scene and they did something no one has done around here in quite some time. They actually wrote and arranged songs! How weird! Not just settling for twelve-minutes of distorted nonsense, with a thick layer of angry growls plastered on top. They actually wrote songs! And in this writer’s humble opinion damn good ones too!
With the release of their debut recording simply entitled Volume 1. The Strange are on the up and up. They sold every copy of Volume 1 on the day of its release. Chris and Eric hosted an hour-long look at the St. Catharines Music Scene on CBC Radio, entitled “Strange Catharines”, during the show “Volume 1” made it’s Canadian radio debut. In June/July 2005 The Strange teamed up with top Canadian Booking agency Spherical Productions and completed a month long tour of Western Canada, playing dates through the Prairies, Alberta, BC and all the way to Vancouver. The Strange recently had "One More Hour" featured in a TV Show called "15 Love" which airs on YTV in Canada as well as several channels across Europe.

Chris Barry (Vocals, guitar), Eric Hutt (drums), and Melody Van Schaik (bass) are ready to shake things up with there timeless take on rock ‘n’ roll. Already having played with such notables as Teenage Head, Super Garage, Tangiers, Pilate, The Dear’s, and The Evaporators, The Strange have had some good company.
Fronted by Chris from Liverpool, England, The Strange have a varied yet melodic style emphasized by there crowd favorite Utah Living, and one of their ambient originals off the 2003 SCENE compilation, Anduin. They can knock you on your ass with the pulsating Make Believe, or light up the dance floor with Swings and round-abouts and Done Before, (which is by the way as close as anyone will ever get to a Russian punk-rock polka). While the Strange are a band with few musical boundaries, don’t expect a free form jazz album anytime soon.
In Early 2004 the band made a major line up change, when bassist Melody Van Schaik came onboard. Mel clicked instantly with the band having already been a fan since the get-go and the new energy has helped the band work at even more accelerated pace.
It’s been all hard work and hand jobs for The Strange, since the release of their first E.P. The Strange are currently in the studio with Producer Daryl “the ninja” Mikulinski working on their full length debut, The Plan for now is to once again hit the road across Canada and for the first time venture to the USA.

I will leave you with one final thought.
When other bands would much rather consign them-selves to a career based on mediocrity. The Strange decided to go in a different direction. They decided to stand out, be original, and most importantly play some proper rock ‘n’ roll!


One More Hour

Written By: Chris Barry

About the time you said that we would wake up,
I’d gone back to bed and now I feel just great,
Always preying to god that we might make up,
Well just one more hour with you, and I’m ok,

And it’s hard enough to knock you off your feet,
So go tell it to the friends that you might meet,
I’m just trying to say,
Sorry that you feel this way,
I’m just sick and tired of you again today,

I’m singing
Hey you there the girl sitting in the picture,
Your smile’s enough to add colour to my day

And it’s you and me baby take a drive in the country,
’cos just one more hour with you and I’m ok

One more hour with you, and I’m ok
Well just one more hour with you and I’m ok

Swings & Round Abouts

Written By: Chris Barry

Hey Hello and how you doing?
Life, you know there’s nothing to it?
We never get all the things we wanted
but I say, hey, I’m above it and,
gotta love all the people that I hated,
gotta drink just to feel slightly inflated,
Keep it up, someday you’ll be forgiven
Gotta say, hey, it’s a living! And…

Paralyzing fear
Is why I’m always here

Air raids over-head
So care free and overfed
These Swings and roundabouts
Someone tell me what it’s all about
Tanks Bombs Airplanes
Fingerprints Barbwire Barricades
It’s Swings and roundabouts
Karma messing with your easy outs

Take the life that you’re allotted
Show the world what you made of
Genes Epidemics and Robotics
Gota Say Hey, I’ve still got it and,
Systematic TV static Liberation
I Don’t read ‘cuz I don’t need imagination
All around us MTV degeneration?
Time to say, hey we’re growing impatient! And…



- "The Strange - Volume 1"
- "LP Sampler Disk"

Set List

Current Opening Slot Set-List
(9 Songs over 30 minutes)
Get Wilder
Swings & Round Abouts
Dragging Me Down
Better The Devil
Out for a Week
Reality Park
One More
While your Away
Utah Living