The Strange

The Strange


A vibe that throbs and expands like a lava lamp! vocals like a young Robert Plant with ghostly echos of Jeff Buckley. B3 organ like smoke, guitar riffs transport you like Floyd, Marus Belgrave decorates the debut. �An undeniable exquisitivity�


In the mediocre puddles and hills of music today, The Strange brings you the oceans and mountains you so badly crave. Their 2005 Album "Drop dead by the microphone, featured nationally on NPR's "All songs considered", was difficult to categorize. "Intellectual music, music for those that really listen", was one description, "A fluid groove of pure emotion" was another. Haunting echoes of Pink Floyd, Los Lobos, Nick Drake, Led Zeppelin, Radio Head and Jeff Buckley, who knows what you'll decide. The Strange is definitely it's own animal. Currently working on their March 2006 release "Texas" with producer/engineer J. Christopher Hughes, and the video for the single, the group will be gearing up for summer touring. The ever changing sound is something you will not forget, the music has hooks that creep in slow and dig deep. You are listening to Detroit......


New EP and Video scheduled to be released Spring 2006
Drop Dead by the Microphone (2005)
Airplay recieved on WDET 101.9 fm (, CIMX 88.7 (www.89xradio), National Public Radio: All Songs Considered (
TPN Rock (
Motor City Rocks (

Set List

ORIGINAL MATERIAL: 45 minute sets
Texas, 13, Sideways, Falling Down in the Rain, Driving my Chord, Sussurar, Waiting for the Sun, Down not Out, Mary Jane, Tomorrow, Gypsy Caravan......
COVER MATERIAL(added periodically)
Zeppelin, How Many More Times
Beatles, She's so heavy
Radiohead, Pyramid Song